Where to go when pellets fly

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by OldSchool, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I see that waterfowl season opens this Saturday… I’ve been fishing out at Nimi this year (not all that successfully mind you) and I see plenty of duck blinds set up out there.
    Do any of you still attempt to take a boat out there once the duck hunters move in? I don't really look like a !$ but it makes me nervous to be out there around sun rise.
    What do you do to keep out of harms way????
  2. Them duck guys are goofey....only fishermen are worse.

    Might want to head elsewhere. Is it worth the risk?

    The deep end of West Branch is hunter free. Maybe Berlin or Milton?

    Good luck....be safe out there.

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    i agree with bob:eek: hunt elsewhere. i dont duck hunt but its a short season and theres plenty of water some place safer.
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    yea ,what bob said. i will be at nimi saturday ,blind #10
  5. are there more hunters at mogadore or ladue?
  6. I've fished Nimi, Long, West Branch, etc.. for years during duck hunting season and have never had an issue with anybody. Use common sense and give the hunters plenty of space. Being a bass fisherman I'm usually on the move and not likely to stick around too close for too long anyhow. I'm sure you'd know about it if you were being a problem.

    Perhaps some of our duck hunting friends could give us fishermen a few tips or two on what you would expect or appreciate from us while sharing the water.
    The best huntin days are often the best fishn days this time of year, there's plenty of room and water for everyone!

    P.S. When I use to fish Moggy they wouldn't let you north of Rt.43 until noon when the hunters came off, not sure if that's still the case or not.

    P.S.S Springfield Lake would be a nice alternative for those looking to avoid hunters and find hungry fishes!
  7. As stated earlier a little common sense is all that needed. If you don't go fishing at sunrise and stay out of the decoys,nobody should bother you. The shooting at Nimi is mostly, first thing in the morning and last thing before dark.