where to go on mosquito lake?

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    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    Could Someone Give Me Some Tips On Where To Go And What To Use For The Walleyes On Skeeter? I Will Be Making A Trip Out There With My Girl Fri Or Sat And I Dont Want To Get Skunked. I Have To Put Her On Some Kind Of Fish,so Whether Or Not The Eyes Are Cooperating I Need To Catch Something. I Plan On Getting A Contour Map Of The Lake So Im Not Completely Blind. Heard About A Old Road Bed Near The Cemetary? Ant Good? Directions? Hey, Any Info Would Be Greatly Apprecaited!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks:)OH AND I HAVE A CANOE WITH A 30PND TROLLING MOTOR TO GET AROUND IN. HEARD ABOUT THE RT88 SHORELINE AND WANT TO STAY AWAY FROM THE CROWDS.

  2. On the north side- troll or jig the bouy line, the bay right in front of Causeway Bait Shop and north about a quarter mile, between the island and north to the bouy line, or troll straight up the middle from the island to the bouy line.

    On the south side- the stump field in the northwest corner, in front of the cemetary, and in front of the white crane down by the dam on the east shore line.

    Favorite trolling baits are Shad Rap sr5, and Wally Divers CD5. Bare jigs tipped with a minnow or a piece of crawler do well if you prefer jigging.
  3. with a canoe ,I:D go right across from the ramp , fish in 6 to 9ft , on the west side . small jig/minnie slip bobber . you should find some real nice crappie there . /p/s het put you right on the spot .BUT the bouy line is a long way with a trolling motor . just a hint . where you see two/three or more yellow boats close together . there catching fish .
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    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    Thanks For The Info And Im Sure Ill Findem Now. Will Share Some Photos Of That Outing When The Time Comes Around
  5. I missed the part about the conoe. If limited to a conoe, I would fish in Pikie Bay. Lots of crappies, bass, pike, bluegills, catfish, and an occasional walleye are caught there.
  6. Good pick if limited to canoe...pikie bay...fish the brush with bobber and minnow,should be be able to pull lots of crappie in there...a good spot would be the north shore,about the last 500 yds before it opens to the main lake...lots of brush and stumps just off that shoreline..
  7. Since you're in a canoe, be careful of the wind direction. East or west, no big deal, since the lake is approx. less than a mile wide. North or south wind, the lake is approx. 8 miles long and there is nothing to stop even a moderate wind from building whitecaps and rollers large enough to swamp a canoe. Unless you launch near the causeway and stay on the opposite side from the wind direction. (I might be off some with my distances, but I think you get my drift.) If very windy the day you go, stay on the side you launch from, in fairly close, and "do not try" to cross the lake perpendicular to the wind direction. That, and the large boats which seem to see how fast they can get from one end to the other, spell trouble for a canoist. This from experience-I've been there and it's not fun! North of 88 should not be too much of a challenge for navigation in a canoe.
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    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    yeah, makes me a bit nervous to be out when the wind and waves kick up. great replys and i will remember this info. thanks eveyone!
  9. Sorry, but a group of boats together doesn't mean fish are being caught!
    Especially rented boats.
  10. Not my business, but I hope :S does not equal cut off!!!!!!!:p :p
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    I just got back from Mosquito. Been camping there since Sunday. The walleye fishing has been very slow this past week. Unusual for this time of year. Most of the walleyes caught are small and thrown back. 14=19 fow of water seems to be the trick.
    Shore fisherman off the rocks at the marina were killing the catfish yesterday on nightcrawlers.
    A guy and his girlfriend camped next to us earlier this week. They had a canoe too. They didn't do any good so they drove the canoe to Causeway Bait. Linda gave them spots where the govt dropped Christmas trees. They caught 16 crappie and 2 walleyes-several crappies over 13".

    Also, a guy crashed his boat into the underpass of the causeway Wednesday. Supposedly the boat sunk and the police were looking for him. We watched the dive team go down under the underpass but didn't wait for them to come up to see what they found. Anyone know what happened to the fisherman?
    It was really windy that day with south winds and 3-4' whitecaps on the southern end. The north end was pretty flat. The waves were really pounding the underpass and maybe pushed the guy into the rocks. Don't really know what happened.
    Going back tomorrow morning for another week of punishment. Hope the walleye turn on for us.
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    ill be out in the early am with my dad trolling the south end. ill have my ears on if anyone gets bored ch 68