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    We were going to make our normal trip to Alpena but the river there is not stocked any more so we wanna go some where else for salmon. We were thinking tippy dam and were wondering if anyone else has been there? we also wanna fish inland lakes for pike walleye and panfish. We fish flechers pond when in alpena so any suggestion on how to fish that lake would help if we do go there ;) Any suggestions on places to go would be great-thanks nsof
  2. I would suggest heading to the west side of the state; the Pere Marquette, Big and Little Manistee, and other streams on the west side are the best salmon rivers in the state (except the St. Mary's Rapids, but that is part Canadian too). If you want salmon and inland lake fisheries, try the Traverse City area; several good streams in the area (and not too far from the Manistee's) and some very nice bigger lakes in the area that are great for walleye, smallies, and other species. Take a look on the map. Another option would be to go to Cheboygan; the Cheboygan river gets a good run up to the dam, and you would have Burt, Mullet, and the Indian River to chase big pike. Either one would work for me, wish I was going.


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    The Salmon at Tippy dam area last year between October 1st thru the October 8th were stacked....The only shortages you'll find out will be your tackle....Take plenty of it.

    11 more days and I'll be there for the 2nd consecutive year. We stay at a cabin in Wellston.

    Here's a few pics from last year.

    Hope your strong, you'll be carrying 60 lbs. of fish up these stairs, check out the chute to drag the fish up.




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    Those pictures are from the lookout tower a couple river miles down from the dam. There is easier access at the dam and also at various places down river past high bridge.

    I'll be there next week, starting fishing Friday morning through Saturday. Last year I hooked into more fish than I could count literally 50-75. We fished during the day and throughout the night. For one reason or another we "hooked" a lot more fish at night.

    You'll find the closer you get to the dam, the more fish congregated in one area, but the less active they are. These fish will be on their last leg, turning dark, green, then black, then white. The fishing is a blast though.

    Best lures I found to actually catch these fish were spawn and a treble, storm thundersticks and little cleos, all in bright colors.

    These fish aren't the best table fare - very bland, but are spectacular smoked. If you want a good recipe, let me know.

    Good luck,
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    I would think Thunder bay tributaries would be good salmon fishing NS fisherman. That is only 10 or so miles from Fletchers.

    I always go to the Salmon River in NY which also has tons of inland fishing opertunities as a back up.

    PM me if you want more details

  6. Just got back from the benzonia area. hit Tippy dam Betsie river and the Platte river. I will try to post some pics. But here goes my report.
    1 Tippy was really dead i only saw about three fish landed a few more hook ups but not really what it should have been. That area is in the middle of a draught as all the locals told me.
    2. Betsie river had not as many as normal but enough to keep your attention. The fish that were there are very fresh along with alot of jacks. best patterns anything orange spawn was a waste for me anyway.
    3 Platte river was INCREDIBLE full of coho dnr was harvesting at the weir. Talked to a state biologist he told me there was 9000 fish right below the locks it was amazing to see that many fish in one place you could walk across the river on the backs of fish i swear. Me my father and my buddy ended the trip with 26 landed which is a new record for us.
    Was told the reason for less fish then normal on the Betsie was a sand bar at the mouth. Dont really know but if thats the case dnr needs to do something very soon.
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    your right on the money mitch

    and a stones throw from fletchers!