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Where to go for 3 days of fishing? Chautauqua ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TritonBill, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. I was thinking about heading to Chautauqua Lake in New York. I'll basically have Saturday - Monday to fish somewhere. I can stay local or head out of state. I have my PA license and Ohio but am willing to pick my NY license because I know Chautauqua can be great fishing.

  2. TritonBill...I fished for 2 days on Chautauqua August 4th-5th. Fishing was still pretty good, water temps was mid to low 80's. I've never been there during the weekend but there sure is a lot of pleasure boats at each and every dock and I'm sure they come out at some point in time! Good luck if you go.

  3. Dave, How was the water levels when you were there?
  4. We never had a problem. I had never fished this lake until July 6th of this year and the water seemed to be the same on our August trip as it was the July trip. The water wasn't muddy in August but it wasn't crystal clear like it was July 6th. We probably caught right around 30 bass each day with the biggest being just over 4 pounds but really nothing under 1.5 pounds as far as largemouth go. We didn't catch any smallies but we really never fished for them (in deeper water). We also caught at least 20-30 rock bass each are they big up there!
  5. I've always camped when I go there at Wildwood Acres. I was thinking about getting a cottage right on the lake... I wonder how much that would set me back? Might not be feasible.
  6. MAKtackle

    MAKtackle your REEL friend

    For numbers of fish and also camping I'd go to East Harbour State Park. You can stay in the harbour and slay largemouth or hit the big water...and struggle for them smallies... Just my $.02
  7. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    hit up shenango... heard it's been on lately.
  8. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    I'd hit Lake St. Clair if I had three days to fish. Stay in Detroit 'burb called Roseville at a local hotel. Not the outdoors experience you might want but that is a great lake to fish.
  9. How much is there to fish in East Harbour? Any idea on how many acres it is?
  10. I'm starting to think maybe I'll head to Presque Isle for Largemouth and maybe main lake for smallies.
  11. Hey JB, where'd you hear Shenango was on? I fished it most everyday the first week of August and had nothing to show for it except a tan (well I did catch a 21" largemouth). Water temps were mid 80's. Guess I'll have to head out and try it this weekend.

    Bill: We were up there the weekend before Memorial Day and stayed in the cottage we won in the raffle at Hawgfest. While there we looked at the price schedule on the wall and right now you're in their prime-time. I wanna say it was like $400-$500 a weekend. If you do head to NY let me know how you do, I'll be up there mid September.

  12. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    my buddy's cousin, I just heard it down the chain...