Where to get spawn sacs or eggs??

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  1. So I've been thinking about going up to the Chagrin and or the Rocky either this weekend or next weekend for some steelies. I have been using spoons in the past and not had a whole lot of luck with them.

    I've noticed that a lot of you guys use spawn sacs or eggs and i see great pictures of fishing being caught.

    My question is where would I be able to get some? I'm not too familiar with the area so i'd google map how to get to where i need to be.

    Also would anyone mind telling me which areas are producing pretty well?
  2. Erie Shore General Store in Eastlake. Corner of Lakeshore Blvd and Erie Road.

  3. Oh yeah, one more thing......Forget about the Chagrin this weekend.....flood conditions!!!!!:eek:
  4. Going to take some time before these rivers settle. Coming from a distance, you probably want to wait 10 days.
  5. As was already stated...don't bother coming up this weekend, as all the rivers will still be in bad shape. I recommed going to Erie Outfitters 5404 Lake Rd. Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 http://www.erieoutfitters.com/ for cured or uncured spawn sacs, the best gear prices, and very personable service and expert advice. Whatever you do though...stay away from those little jars of spawn sacs like they sell at Gander Mtn., those are worthless! Making that far of a drive for steel I sure hope you have a successful outing...Good Luck.
  6. If you have drift fished before you surely know this, but if your drift is not natural, nothing will bite. Keep as much line out of the water as posiable, reducing the current from pulling your presentation down stream faster than is natural. If anything, you want to slow it down slower than the current, as the bottom curent speed is slower than the top.

    Just because you throw eggs at them dosnt mean anything. Presentation is everything float fishing for chrome. The guy's you see catching know this and have masterd it.

    I thought I would try to help save you the "why am I not getting any, I am throwing the same thing as that guy and he is killing them", torture.

    If you know this, very well. But it sounds most likely not.

    Good luck

  7. HAHA thanks for the advice...i always consider the presentation since im an avid bass fisherman. steelhead fishing is still very new to me and it is exciting since my first catch in october. (outfished everyone i was with, with 1 FISH lol) most likely i will be going up next weekend....hopefully the weather with be perfect.

    oh and thanks to those who mentioned the ERIE shore and the ERIE outfitters...i will check out both of them next friday. and hopefully get out on saturday. i'll prob ask how the river flow and all that is around next weds. thanks a lot everyone

    oh and i've decided on chagrin and rocky. for location.

    another quick question...what kind of rigs do u all use?
  8. okuma center pin and St Croix 13' wild river pole. 6# test with an 8# floro leader. spawn sacs.

    try the rocky under the 480 bridge, usualy a good hole there.

    as far as this week they are very muddy from all the rain and they are running like a c5 rapid.
  9. This will address two of your concerns(presentation and outfit) with one answer-use the longest light to medium action "spinning" rod you have(8 feet at minimum). With the longer rod, you can easily "lift" the 'bowed" line off the surface to minimize speed from the current moving your presentations too fast. Notice the reference to spinning rods-most eggers use those-some using centerpins. The longer rods are called 'noodle' rods and they usually start at 10 feet lengths. you can use any other kind you prefer but you will definitely be much "busier".
  10. dicks sporting goods and gander mountain have egg sacs and eggs
  11. some gander mountain and some wal-marts sell the fresh egg sacs that come in a plastic tube...don't buy the jar kind......they have them in a refrigerator in the fishing section.....my advice is to call first to see if they have the fresh ones before wasting a trip
  12. I would not recommend doing this! I am 100% positive that selling steelhead eggs in Ohio (licensed bait dealer or not) is illegal, and I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to sell any other kind of eggs or live bait without the proper license. I'm not sure how the rules apply to someone buying bait under those circumstances, but I wouldn't take any chances. I believe it is perfectly legal to give or receive eggs from someone on the river, as long as no money is exchanged...at least I hope so since I have often given spawn sacs to people that I have seen struggling to catch fish or that were using that over-cured junk in the jars.

  13. You are right, cannot buy trout eggs. Thats why the stores do not carry them. But salmon eggs are ok (bait license). Your best bet would be to make a trip to NY during the brown spawning time to catch and milk them for there eggs ( take them home to, good eating) cure them, make spawn sacs and your good to go. One trip to NY will last you a good 2 years worth of sacs if you store them properly.
  14. I heard something similar once when I was down at E. 72nd and Superior :)
  15. I would not buy any eggs from wal-mart or even gander. They dont care how the condition of the eggs are. They just want to sell them. Craig at Erie Outfitterss is your best bet. His eggs are great. He is a steelheader at heart(and a dame good one) and takes pride in such things.
  16. im getting pretty pumped about gettin my lines wet.
  17. So hopefully by this weekend the rivers will have calmed down some...i have a question in regards to time.

    on average, at what times do the fish produce the best?
  18. Good questions, ajangsta04. Looks like some good advice is coming in too. I've finally worked the nerve up to go steelheading this spring. Never did it before and I admit it seems a little intimidating. These questions and answers are helping me out a lot. I never knew why such a long pole was needed. It makes perfectly good sense to me after seeing the explanation, c.j. stone. Thanks. I'm going to definitely give Erie Outfitters a call before I make that trip up, as well to check for the fresh eggs.
  19. Steelhead can turn on at any time of day. But if I had to choose a time, I have my best luck from first light until about 10 or 11.