where to fish without a boat?

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  1. hello everyone, I live in the perrysburg area and was looking for some new places to fish.

    I live by three meadows which has a decent pond where I have had a few good days where caught a couple 1-2 pound bass. I was hoping people here could point me in a new direction where I can get some decent fishing in without the use of a boat.

    My only other fishing hole I have had a lot of success in is out in bg and with the price of gas nowadays its not the most practical to drive out there when I want to have a good day.

    I enjoy mostly catch and release so there is no certain species I am looking for just something that will put up a fight. I have tried the maumee this year but it was way to crowded with the walleye run that I have not been back yet.
  2. go back to the river, the crowds have thinned dramatically

  3. Try orleans park or jerome road for white bass on lindy rigged jigs. Caught 14 plus some smallies today off the bank. Have fun!
  4. thanks for the tips. I think I will head down to the river this weekend if the weather gets better.

    How is the fishing at sidecut park? I was up there a few weeks ago and saw some people fishing from the bank right across from the parking lot.
  5. sidecut and bluegrass island have been slow for me and my fishing buddies this last week.
    do you own waders? if you live in p-burg you should own some waders as soon as possible and start exploring the river. I live in maumee and enjoy fishing the river the whole year round, except when it is frozen.
    jerome road rapids have been good to me lately. if you want to catch lots of fish, and lots of different kinds of fish, head there.
  6. I tried out sidecut the other day after work caught a white bass and my buddy caught 2 small whites.

    I do have waders my problem is the people I fish with refuse to get some so I have yet to use them this year.

    In case anyone is around the perrysburg area, the little pond in three meadows park which is usally slow and lifeless gave up about 15 smaller cats today in about 2 hours with me and my roomate. nothing huge and per the posted signs its catch and release but it was a good time.
  7. Try up at the Grand rapids dam, you never know what you will catch up there. I have caught so many types of species around that area. There has only been a few days were i didn't land any fish. Some big cats, carp and sheepheads. Aslo LM, SM, WB, bluegills, few walleye and some crappie. Just explore the river and you will find fish. Good Luck
  8. leave your friends behind, come back with a loaded stringer or some sweet pictures and they will change their minds about buying waders......
  9. If your want to pull in some MONSTER river bull dozers (aka carp) check out the Rossford marina. There is a small dock with two shore lines on either side. I tend to cast out on the rock side. Last week I went out for an hour just to get out and caught a huge carp the size of a ford fiesta. Ok, that's a lie. It was more the size of a Ford Focus. :)

    Normally there are cats, bullheads, and carp here only. But I've *heard* of a few bass. During last years run I seen a few dead walleyes on the shore.

    Good Luck!
  10. Could someone tell me how I can get a list of lakes in and around Morrow County?