Where to fish what???

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  1. Just thought I'd ask this question, where is the best place to catch certain types of fish?

    I'm still new the columbus fishing and would like to get out some more. I've only really fished Griggs since it is close to OSU campus.

    Griggs - Smallies, Carp, Channel Cats
  2. Here's the annual fishing prospects guide produced by the Ohio DNR. All public waters in central OH contain pretty much the same gamefish species. The topic of which place is "best" is always open to debate ;).

    My personal favorites (from a boat)...
    Alum Creek Lake: Saugeye, SM bass, muskie
    Hoover Reservoir: Crappie, white bass
    Knox Lake: LM bass, channel cats

  3. During The Warmer Months, If You Don't Mind Getting Your Feet Wet, The Waters Below Oshay And Griggs Are Very Good Fishing. Mostly You Catch Rockbass And Small Mouth. Some Of The Deeper Area's Can Offer Good Crappie Fishing As Well. The Best Baits I've Found Are Smaller Tubes In Natural Colors (green Pumpkin Is Hard To Beat), Also Small Crankbaits Like Rebel Wee Craw Are Very Good. Twister Tails Fished On Leadhead Jigs Also Work Well. Overcast Days And Morning And Evening Hours, Top-water Baits Like Poppers Can Be Some Of The Best Tactics To Get Some Very Nice Smallies, Some Over 3lbs. Down Fall To Wading Is That It Is Your Back Gets Tired And Stiff After A Few Hours, But Still Well Worth It. For Numbers Of Fish, These Area's And Tactics Are Hard To Beat, Just Remember To Release Those Smallies Back After You Catch Them.
  4. A buddy and myself fish I.L. as often as we can as we come from cinti. It's normally the best place for us to find good ice. We support the local bait stores and appreciate their advice. We fished L.I. and the game reserve but seem to catch only dinks. It sure would be nice to catch a few over the 7 inch mark. I hope someone wants to help out this new member. Thanks