Where to Fish - Best spots for no boat, in cold weather on North side

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by KDOG1976, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I live on the north side of town and do not have a boat and want to find some better fishing holes during the cold season. I know plenty of good little bass ponds, but I want to catch something other than bass. I want trout, Saufeye, crappie, catfish. I have been trying 2 places with little luck. Antrim is ok for catching trout and catfish, but i prefer to be more active in my fishing. I really want to cast out a line for cat while trying to get saugeye. I keep going back to the alum spillway against my better judgement but I havent even gotten one bite my last 3 trips there. Is there a honey hole off of Alum or Hoover, or down creek where I can cast from the shore and get some fish?
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    Try the rip rap areas on the bridges that cross Hoover.

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    walk out on alum and fish one of the points for saugeye.
  4. Hey-KDOG I would suggest Fairfield beach at Buckeye.I to live on the north side and the drive to Buckeye is right about 45min but if you want to have a line out for cats and jig for saugeye this is a good place. Plenty of parking doesnt get to ,to crowded fish the point closest to the beach inlet or just inside the point on the beach inlet.I was out their last week just for an hr maybe less saw 5 cats and 2 eyes caught by the same gent. Alum spillway is a crap sthhot everything has to just right and if you miss it by a day or even an hr your screwed good luck let me know how you do.