Where to find some decent cat

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  1. Well my friend is constantly asking me to take him to catch some decent sized cat. I have never really fished for them. Any good places to catch them off the shore. Preferably in the rivers or anywhere around the cleveland area.
  2. Mogadore Reservoir for sure. Channels and bullies-all good eating sizes from conversations I've heard. I haven't tried it myself.

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    skeeta oh yea bigg channles and huge flatheads
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    I got alot of 5-7 pounders out of cuyahoga in the past few days!!!! kept only the small ones less than 3 lbs to eat.. Try down the river along canal road all the way up to pleasant valley road!!! Drift minnows along the bottom under a float.... Got about 25 today in a couple of hours fishing the tails of the shoots!!!!!!!:D