where to find crawfish

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  1. anyone know of any bait shops with crawdads for bait right now ?
  2. I believe the bait shop off of RT 305 on the east side of mosquito has them.

  3. thanks but i am near cleveland for it's alittle far unless i am fishing there thanks for the info
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    My friend told me that they sell them at parma pets
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    yeah parma pets has them but their not cheap. just go down to the rocky river and start flipping rocks they are every where!
  6. Try catching your own at night in a small creek with a flash light and a minnow net, theyre sometimes swimming all over.
  7. matthew101074

    matthew101074 One more cast then Ill go

    I have I spot on the rocky by my house in brunswick that is like a crayfish breeding ground. I could probably catch a couple dozen a day in the same spot for the whole summer if I wanted to, which is nice because I have such a hard time finding them anywhere downstream. I actually think the best time to catch them is in full sunlight because they seem to have a tendancy to be out in the open more. Just remember to to work into the current when catching them so you don't have to work in the murked up water (listen to my advice cuz I never do) :)
  8. a good way to catch them is to simply put out a lantern at night and catch them with a minnow net or your bare hands. for some reason, they are attracted to the light the same as most other fish are. i've noticed them a lot lately while i'm out catfishing. i even caught one last week that was almost 11 inches long!
  9. Get 'em at night..lay a seine on the bottom, throw 1/2 a small gill or leftovers from fileting on it & you'll have plenty.
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    11 " sounds like dinner. My kids and I caught the larger ones and boiled them up for a snack. Mighty tasty.