Where to buy Vibees in Cincinnati?

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  1. BPS online doesn't list them (haven't gone in the store to check yet).

  2. I believe Gander Mtn carries them and Dick's SG might allso

  3. Tee

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    Dixie marine has them. Its on Rt. 4 in Fairfield.
  4. BPS has its own line of blade baits, dont know about vibees.
  5. Perfect. 1 mile from work. THANK YOU
  6. SConner

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    Dick's up in Englewood has them so I would assume they would down your way as well. They did not have much assortment in color or size.
  7. Bass Pro Shop in Cincy and Dixie Marine on Rt 4 Fairfield.
  8. If you order from their website, that may be true. But, if you visit the store in Cincy, Forest Fair Mall, they have them.
  9. GMRcatman

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    Stopped in at BPS today. There are no Vib"e"s there, only a BPS version, Cicadas, and a couple of Cotton Cordell versions. I asked and they said that if they did carry them they do not anymore.
  10. I was in there early last week and i bought some. They must be sold out.
  11. GMRcatman

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    Bassky, thanks for the info about Dixie Marine. Stopped by tonight for the Fins seminar and picked up a few Vib"e"s. They had a very large assortment, colors and sizes.
  12. Hello,

    Bass PRO in Cincy has theirown line of blade baits called " Lazer eyes", I have had as good a luck on these as Vibe -E , I believe they have more flash and as much vibration on the lift? Stay in contact with the bottom and they will catch fish ! I have caught many Saugeyes @ Indian Lake on these Bass Pro baits.

    Later and keep fishin,
  13. To those that have fished the Vibe E blade lures or similar types of lure, what colors have you been successful fishing with and how and in what conditions do you fish these lures? I have not had much success with them and wonder why?
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  14. I have fished a lot of blade baits over the years and the Vibes are by far the best I have used. Its hard to tell what color is best on any given day tho, but the ones I have my best luck with are chrome/blue,firetiger,solid gold and the gold tiger ( perch color ) I fish them a lot in spillways and vertical jigging in cold water in the fall and winter.