Where to buy twister tails in bulk?

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  1. ScumFrog

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    Hey all. I was wondering if anybody knew where i might be able to buy twister tails in bulk. i've looked all over the internet for a certain color but i cannot find it anywhere, let alone plane old generic no name grubs.
    just wondering if anybody knows of somewhere good.
    thanks all
  2. Hey I already posted this question sir.

  3. misfit

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    try local mom&pop bait shops in your area.those are the kind of places i find them.
  4. I know at the Hunting and Fishing Sportsman show at the Eastwood Expo center in Niles use to have a guy where u could buy a bag full of whatever rubber worms (including twister tails) u wanted for real cheap too. I haven't been there in a couple of years so idk if he still goes or not.
  5. I think there was a site in the hot deals forum that sold soft plastics in bulk for decent prices.
  6. Rodmakers used to get me quantity Kalin Tails, special order but a nice savings. Check with Land Big Fish in your area.
  7. Lewzer

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    Linda's at the Mosquito causeway has almost every color imaginable. Talk to her for a specific color in bulk.
  8. Try Venom Lures. Used to but them from them in 1000 count bulk bags. Dont know if they still sell them this way or not.
  9. snake69

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    Try Kalins. Don't know the website right off hand, but a google search ought to turn it up.
  10. freakofnature13

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    Mister Twister sells bulk i thnk
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  11. jake74

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    Dicks at Polaris sells 100 packs of mr. twister brand. Not alot of colors but they had the important ones. Chartreuse glitter,white and yellow in 3 inch. If I remember right they were 7.99 a pack. hope that helps.
  12. Walleye Mafia

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    We used to buy them at the sportsmans show ath the IX center in cleveland. They had them by the pound and they were a pretty good deal. We havent gone for a few years so im not sure what they have there now. At the time it was the best deal going for them I could find.
  13. hey all!! this is scumfrog. i'm on my uncles screen name cuz i'm too lazy to sign out.
    I just wanted to say thanks a million for all of your input. it's been very helpful and it gave me some decent leads.

    thanx again
  14. Miller rod and gun in boardman/ poland. they sell them by the bag, # differet size ziplocks. As many as you can crm and still close the bag. I am going there on friday,
  15. heyjay

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  16. Netcraft in Toledo has a website you can check.
  17. fishing pole

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    EBAY. Just enter bulk
  18. There is a place called Barlow's Tackle. This is the website barlowstackle.com, and they can also send you a catalog.Hope this helps you out.Good Luck in 09,God Bless