Where to buy Clear plastic Spinner blades???

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Big Joshy, May 25, 2007.

  1. I know they are occasionally on ebay, but ive spent lots of time scouring the internet and I can't find any suppliers at all. Does anyone know where you can get these.
  2. I sell them on ebay send me a email at szimmerman14@cox.net will get you info or anyone that wants it :B :B


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    I'm not a big user of spinner baits, but what would be the advantage of a clear blade? thx
  4. well this is an old one! Yeah I bought some on ebay from ztackle. which im assuming is you zimmerman. Nice service good prices! haha!

    clear plastic blades fill a small niche where you want a different look and thump as compared to metal blades. they do not thump as hard. They are mostly preferred in ultra clear water for lure shy fish. I know that they have been used on spinnerbaits by tournament bass anglers in clear water looking for an edge. I wanted some to try for erie eyes on harnesses. I never got around to using them though. I will try for sure first chance i get. I did use them on a spinnerbait for bass though and caught a few. its strange to see your spinnerbait thumping along with no visible blade at all. It makes the arm of the spinnerbait and the swivel look rediculous!
  5. Bass Pro Shops, Just Bought Some Last Week, They Were Expensive, But Were Exactly What I Needed.