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Where should I go?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Well I got on early enought to get $10 tickets on Skybus this morning, got roundtrip tickets for myself, wife and daughter to Ft Lauderdale the last week of Feb for a total of $122.40. I figgured for that price I'll book it and worry about where to go later. I'm thinking of heading to the Gulf side, maybe Naples area cause I've heard its really nice there. Any suggestions on any nice beach, family, fishing area any place in south Florida? Mostly looking for nice beach for the family but want to get some fishing in also.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    That was an awesome price on tickets! If you want fishing and a nice beach head south to Islamorada in the keys. It's about 45 minutes south of Miami. I was stationed at Homestead AFB and hit it a lot. The beach at Holiday Isle is really nice. There a lot of charters going out from there if you are looking to go on one. Naples is a great place as well. Check out Sanibel Island. They have some beautiful beaches there. I am not sure about the fishing there. It was hit hard after the last hurricane. So I am not sure of it's current condition. Where ever you go good luck!

  3. I don't think it matters at all where you decide to go. The entire Gulf coast has nice beaches and fantastic fishing. You could also find the same on the Atlantic side, and save some driving time. I haven't found an area in Florida yet that I haven't enjoyed.
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    If you want deep ocean fish, fish on the Atlantic side. You have to only go out 5-7 miles to hit deep water (over 600 FOW) There you can catch sailfish, and Mahi Mahi. Fresh Mahi Mahi on the grill, it don't get any better than that! We used to troll around Biscayne Bay for barracuda. They are like musky on crack!
  5. I have always heard the gulf side beaches are a little better for small kids, my daughter will be 3 so thats why I was wanting to go to that side. Looking for low crowds more than anything and I've heard that Bonita Beach near Naples is nice so I've been looking at stuff there. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Hey toxic, caught some dolphin in Mexico took it back to the resort and they grilled for us, about an hour and a half from the water to the plate!! It was the best fish I've ever had.

    I was pretty excited about the price of tickets also, $10 each way is awsome! Taxes were more than the tickets. $40.80 per roundtrip ticket, I cant drive to Lake Erie for that.
  7. I'm interested on your ticket wife and i have a trip to Vegas planned for first week in October.......but we don't have plane tickets yet.

    Where did you go to get those?

    Does anybody have any suggestions for (cheap) tickets to Vegas from Akron/Canton????

    They have 10 seats on each flight they sell for $10 then prices go up from there. They only fly out of Columbus. They dont fly to Las Vegas, go to LA about 4 hours drive. You wont be able to get $10 tickets now for October but there are still $10 tickets for some places for Dec, Jan, and Feb since they just released those dates today. Check out the site, it would be worth the drive to Columbus if they are going some place you want to go to. For Vegas download DING from Southwest. Right now Southwest has non stop flight to Vegas from Columbus for $99 each way, not sure about Cleveland but I think they have direct flight from Cleveland to Vegas.
  9. For the beaches you can't beat Ft.Meyers - Sanibel/Marco Island areas. The sand on the beach is pure white and as fine as baby powder. There's relatively little current or wave action and the water is usually gin clear as long as the wind isn't blowing a million miles an hour. Those areas are pretty quiet little towns good for a family vaca. There is some fishing available there as well....hop a headboat and go fish he wrecks for grouper/snapper....around $50/person for a half day trip (all gear and bait provided). Or shoot down to the 10,000 islands area for a day and link up with a local guide for some of the best inshore snook/redfish/trout fishing in the country. Most inshore chrters run about $425 for a half day or $525 for a full day (based on 2 anglers - $50 per additional angler).

    Check out and for more info about fishing.

    Also....don't hesitate to take along your golf clubs if your into that sorta thing.
  10. Golf??:confused: What the heck is that?:D

    I have been searching for some info on headboats around the Naples area but not finding anything, any ideas?
  11. You can check out and look for head boats. Trust me, they're there. :D The Gulf waves are a bit more kid friendly. We all want to tell you that where we go is the best, but we're all wrong. Personally, I like to get away from the tourist towns and relax, but just about anywhere on the coast is nice. No matter where you end up, there's no need to drive far at all for excellent fishing. I stay in Englewood, and it takes longer to decide WHERE to fish than to get there. :D

  12. Heres one that I found online. Your best bet is to pop into a few marinas when you get down there. Alot of marinas have a party boat or two...most of these boats fill up quickly with local oldtimers so they have no need to advertise alot. Usually u don't need to make a reservation more than a couple days in advance.

    Alabama Party Boat Fishing
    12th Ave S
    Naples, Florida
  13. Heres another option...In the event that a charter captain has a cancellation or doen't have a full boat for the day...they will often offer up an open spot on a charter for reduced cost. They usually call it a "Make up Charter" or a "Shared Charter." I've fished this was several time out of Hatteras and I've always been linked up with cool people and had very successful days on the water. It's usually $100 - $125 but it's WELL worth it in comparison to a $50 headboat trip.
  14. Not to rain on your parade but my father in law flew with skybus this last week. It was a pain in the back side. You have to check in on line within 24hours of your flight. Then you can't check in at the airport until exactly 2 hours before your flight. There's no 800 number you can call and get information from. He said for the money he saved he would fly with them again but I don't think I will ever fly with them just from the headache. He said they were up front about the prices on everything on the flight. Don't forget you have to pay for each bag ($5 for the first two per passenger) that you are planning on taking so make sure that your wife can get everything into one bag. I hope you read all the "fine print" before you bought your tickets. Their fees and other rules are a little crazy.

    BTW I hope you enjoy your trip. :D
  15. I'd have to agree with him on this for a certain you know the deal so you can plan for it and things should run more smoothly. Considering it's the whole family rather than just a single traveller, the savings is worth just about any amount of added headache.

    I always check in online the night before (regardless of the airline). With security at Columbus being a breeze, theres never any need to be there more than an hour beforehand. Even FLL security is reasonable and you shouldnt need to be there much more than an hour b4 your flight. The only issue I see with this is checkng in 24 hrs before you return flight. I guess you'd just wanna make sure that the hotel u book has a business center that you can use to check in and print boarding passes. Overall I'd have to give fishintiger's father-in-law a big "Waaaaaahhhhh!!!":(

    No offense, of course. :D

  16. I have read all the fine print and know several people who have flown with them and didnt have any problems. I always check in online also so that shouldnt be a problem. For the price I dont mind a few pains.;) Even paying $5 a bag is no big deal, you dont have to pay for the carry on so for the 3 of us we can get 3 carry ons and 6 bags checked for $30 and I know we wont need that many.

    hey magis, that is exactly what I'm looking for! I dont like the tourist stuff either, just want a nice beach and a nice place to stay.
  17. I was thinking right along with you. I'd never luck out and get those kind of tickets so I don't want to pay more and still have the pains. I just didn't like that there was no 800 number that I could call and get a couple questions answered. I had a couple questions when I was checking him in and just wung it and I guess it all worked out well. He was happy.
  18. Heres another party boat:

    Sea Treck Ft. Myers full & Half Day (941) 765-7665
  19. Hey tiger no need for an 800 number, you ever call one and actually someone who speaks english and can help you? HA:p
  20. I think I did the other day and then they realized it and transfered me to someone who didn't. :D