Where o where is a bait store?

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  1. I live In huber heights and one thing I've notice is there are no bait stores around here there's east wood lake not 10 min away but you can't buy red worms, mill worms, liches, or craw dads any where around town. can someone tell me where there is a bait store on the east side of town. Thanks
  2. I do know of one off route 4 but it' 30 min the other way.
    I know someone should build a bait store on eastwood lake right by the main gate just think of all the money you'd make.

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    Gander Mountain has a separate bait store that opens early. There is also "Crawdaddy's" on Rt 235 at the intersection of Rt 40.

  4. theres a bait shop/carry out on vallley street. go west on valley away from harshman, about 1/4 mile on your left.
  5. Is it a well stocked bait store where you can buy rods and reels two and talk to guy working about whats hitting today? like you'd find at the bigger lake's around the state?
  6. You should check out this web site called www.thenaturalresource.com The have put together information from around the state and can show you tackle stores on a map, you should give it a try, they are adding new ones all the time.