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Erie sure can make an average fisherman feel good.

In the past 4 days at Turtle, Big Daddy Friday and Saturday, My ex boss on Sunday and my son and his buddy today, we have boated an conservative 300 -325 walleye in 20 hrs of water time. This morning with my son and his friend it was the best morning yet. In 3 hrs this morning we landing over 70 eyes before we got blown off of the lake. We went back out for 2 hrs this evening and hit another 32.

Where else can you enjoy this kind of fishing, It's a very special place this time of year.

It was great seeing all of you this weekend and hearing all of you guys on the radio. Tremendous amount of fun.

I have one day left to do in the morning. I think after that I will have had my fill of the jig bite for a while, besides my arms and shoulders hurt.:D

GREAT job on putting this together Het. Ron is was great to see you out on the lake again.

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