Where did all the AEP guys go?

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  1. Hey, what happened to everyone? I've not seen many posts from anyone about AEP lately....is everyone just bummed out because the season is winding down, or is everyone fishing like crazy before the water gets too cold?
    Our last trip wasnt so great. Only caught a few. The water sure was colder than I expected it to be. We do hope to hit it at least one more time before it all comes to an end for the year.

    Anyone have any updates on their last trip? I hope it was better than ours.

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    Chris, The KC Twitcher worked its usual magic there and lots of fish were caught. I believe most are done down there for this season although there will be a few diehards still after the pit bass. Myself I'm after saugeye now and there aren't many in those pits although that wouls be an added bonus.
    I still may sneak down for some 'gill fishing but that will be ice season.
    I sent you a PM

  3. I was down the 1st,2nd and 3rd of Oct. I went fishing 1 day and my dad went 2 times after that. We were gill fishing and the day I went we caught 100 or so keepers. The other 2 days were just as good. We used split shot and ice jig tipped with waxworm. We dropped it to the bottom (about 18-20ft) and on the second lift you would have a fish. It was a really nice day and it was fun being out with my dad and uncle. For 5 days the totals were approx 300 gills, 1 8pt buck, 1 doe, 17 squirrels. I have about 3-4 more trips planned for the year but mainly for hunting.

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    Our group had a pretty productive saturday on the lakes. Alot of Gills and a few Bass. That was on the first weekend in Oct. We are done for the year till next spring, i think! What a bummer that is. Anytime we are down there and the weather is good, it is always a good time no matter if the fishing is good or bad. I hope we can meet up with everyone in the spring. Oh well, it is time to start cutting wood on the weekends now. Great exercise of the spring!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well.

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    I would like to spend about three weeks at AEP just to see if I would get tired of it. Glad we had the opportunity to fish in some new spots and see the countryside. Catching fish is icing on the cake there. Bet it will be fairly busy there this weekend with the flea market in Reinersville. Probably also plenty of mud to go with it. I'm not sure I can wait until the spring trip...but then again, as long as I still have to go to work, I guess I will have to. Sure would be nice to be a big lotto winner...