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Where can i get minnows?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishing_marshall, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Anybody know anyplaces in the Dover/Phila area that sells minnows?
  2. Dropline

    Dropline BAIT WASTER!!!!!!

    You can get minnows at the drive threw on west high down by wal-mart. They had them a few weeks ago and he said he carries them year round.

  3. I never knew that , i'm gonna have to get some there. thanks for the info.
  4. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Josh, when you going to go?? I want to go tom, but have not decided where to go yet. I thought about down my way, but also thought about going to Dover.
  5. I'm going somwhere today not sure where. I'm probaly not gonna get minnows today though. I might be at dover or i might fish at dark in phila , maybe both.
  6. Dropline

    Dropline BAIT WASTER!!!!!!

    Hey When you go get minnows check to see what all he has. I think he has worms and minnows, not sure on creek chubs. thanks
  7. Brandts drive thrue on High didn't have them in yet the last I stopped around 2 weeks ago. Andys market on Tusc. in Dover has shiners and other stuff.
  8. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    hey guys,
    corey always has minnows at cripple creek,
  9. I get minnows at cripple creek when i'm out that way , but sometimes i don't like driving that far just for minnows.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get minnows around Ohio University. I want to fish Lake Snowden for saugeye this spring but I don't know where to get them. I have car so anywhere will help. Thanks
  11. tarfu


    howdy; try the Ohio Valley Trading and Exchange on Stimson ave. catty-corner to left at stop light when you come from 33/50/32. don't know if they carrey them all year long or not. call first they're in the book. tarfu