where can i fish

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  1. very new to ohio love to fish more than anything can someone point me in right direction
  2. depends on what you like to fish for. about any water around here is good for cats, but only a few lakes/cricks are good for walleye/saugeye(seneca, salt fork, wills crick, muskingum river among others). LM bass is good about anywhere...smallmouth is a different story. Crappie slabs are around....just depends on your preference. feel free to ask for specifics, i'll tell ya what i can.

  3. got the fever so bad fish for anything
  4. large and smallies are my favorite i do most of my fishing at lake cumberland,ky
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    Striper, You have one of the best Smallie rivers right in your town , The Hocking , Also great for Cats, Crappie, and Eyes . Theres also many lakes around the Nelsonville area . Burr Oak , Lake Hope, Strouds Run , Lake Logan, Snowden Lake. I f you like fishing for Smallies The Hocking cant be beat in this area. Black Bitsy bugs, Buzz Baits, Rebel crawdads, or Large minnows, Chubs or Shinners work really well.Some of the Hot spots around that area are Behind the Radio Station , Behind movies 10,or up behind Dee's Diner, Go up or down stream at any of these locatins.
    If you have any other questions or need some more info just shoot me a PM
  6. I agree with Riverwader you can't go wrong on the Hocking. Its full of 17 inch smallies with some larger fish as well. Spring and fall you can get into some very nice crappies. Whites Mill in Athens get fished hard, but you can still get some whitebass, sauger, and about everything else there.
  7. yeah the hocking is a honey hole for smallies. from athens to lancaster, you can pick any spot and pretty much guarantee you'll find 'em. we done really good in nelsonville and logan on buzzbaits...which i think is the most fun fishin of all. and i've heard that there are other cricks around there that are really good, too, but haven't had enough time to explore and find 'em.
  8. the hocking is good for alot of different fish and there is some bigguns in there to got the biggest fish to ever come from it a few years back 56 1/2 lb flathead so the gw tells me