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Where are their parents?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 2talltim, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    About 2 weeks ago my wife was driving my car to her night class at the Knox County Carear Center ( she is going to school for radiology) when she got out of her class she called the house to check her messages there was one from the Mt. Vernon police Dept. Saying they found her purse at the bowling ally...well she said if they found my purse then someone has taken it out if my car....and sure enough when she got to the car there was the drivers side window laying in thousands of peises on the drivers seat...they only thing missing was her purse...after getting her purse back the only thing they took out of it was about $1.50 in change, a pack of gum, and her eyeglass case...the school had video cameras in the lot showing a group of 4 kids walking trhought the lot looking in all the car windows then stoping at mine and smashing the window....any who... my question is where are these kids parents to let then wander the streets at 9-10 olock at night...i would quess by the video they were in the 12-14 age group...when i was 16 i had a 9:00 cerfue on school night and at 17 i was to be home at parent even care any more where and what their kids are doing...or is it just me?
  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    I know exactly where your coming from . Last week , we had 2 kids go down our street looking in cars . My neighbor lady was out smokeing a cig and noticed them . She went in her house and told her husband and also called me . Man can those kids run ! Oh well , I hope they liked getting soaked when they tried to cross the creek and fell down along the way .

  3. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    2talltim there must be a group hanging out around there cause a buddy at work said his daughters jimmy got the window busted out at the bowling ally and they tried to get her stereo and took all her cds.
  4. When they catch the kids and identify them you might want to have an up close and personal with their parents. Usually there's one bad apple and some followers trying to be cool. There's nothing cool about having a breaking and entering on your record. Hope they catch the punks.
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i work in the land of oppertunity.............kent state univ...........just think of thousands of cars parked with stupid students leaving cd, cell phones, purses, and everything else in plain sight for the high school kids............heck they steal text books up here to sell back to the book store i allways seem to be sweeping up glass last summer they broke into my field house 2 times and one time they stole my safe...............catch them punks.........jim
  6. catlover

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    I saw a quicky on the news last nite about some minors commiting armed robberies in Harrison township and Trottwood. They were saying about how viscious the attacks were.
    No further information was released because they wre held as juviniels. Seems if they can commit a predatory assault, they should be held and tried for what they are. With out violating their rights.
  7. The Bad Thing Now Is That These Kids Know That Whatever They Do As Minors Will Not Follow Them Once They Turn 18 Yrs Old. Which I Personally Think Is Bs. A Friend Of Mine Had A Son Doing Similar Things With His Buddies In Cuy. Falls About 5 Yrs.ago. She Wanted Him Punished To The Fullest And Not Much Was Done Due To His Age. Now He Has A Clean Record. Luckily. He Did Change His Ways. Sorry To Hear This Is Happening To You ..
    2tall, I Was Raised Like You. My Mom Knew Where I Was Ever Second Of The Day And Who I Was With.
  8. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    the bad thing is since they were minors ill never know if they were caught or even identified....the video was kind of crappy......yea f4f that was the same night i think ...they got mine at the school the went to the bowling ally were they didtch her purse and got a couple more cars...makes me sick.....what p!$$ed me off was i had to spend money to fix the window....did it myself with junkyard parts for $20 but just the fact i had to do it to begin with...slider i do know certian things follow them...for exaple one of my cousins had inapprprate contact with my daughter...they found him guilty of gross sexual imposition of a minor, he is 14 they told me it will be on his record for life...but things like B&E i know dont follow them into adult status...yea i agree it is BS
  9. you are right 2tall. i was talking in terms of b/e and such. the other issue you spoke of is a whole "nother can of worms that makes my blood boil. sorry it happened. glad something was done about it.
  10. 20 years ago a youngster and two of his friends broke into my house. they stole a few minor things, i was furious at the time, now i can't even remember what it was they stole. the bad part was they forced thier way in past my step daughter. the one youngster forced her up stairs and tried to have his way with her. luck was with her and she got away. i filed charges on the little pervert.

    when we finaly went to court the pervert's atty. told me that his client had enough problems, he had several other charges pending, and that he didn't need this agrevation. (the kid had breaking and entering, felonious assult, armed robery, and attempted murder charges pending)

    he was found guilty of gross sexual imposition, and was led away by the cops in handcuffs. my kid and i went to lunch. after wards, on the way home ,we stopped at the corner store for milk. there he was, out already.

    there is a conclusion to all this: the pervert was eventualy sentanced to jail until he was 21. one week after his release he was shot dead in a robbery. one of the other kids was never in trouble again, he learned his leason. the third kid, best buddy of the first kid, was also in jail until he was 21 and has been boucing in and out of jail since then.

    where were thier parents? the one who learned his leason parent's were up his little fanny and straightened him out. the third kid finaly got to meet his dad , they were in the same prison. the last kid, the dead one, never knew who his father was and was already dead when his mother gave up her career as a hooker.

    some times it just doesn't work out well for kids.
  11. was a car stopped infornt of my drive the other night blocking my mustang in(not that it's going out in this weather) they(guy & girl) stood outside their car in the road for about 15-20min. they didn't do nothing but neverless I didn't like them there, I wanted to peg one in the butt with a pellet gun but SOMEONE wouldn't let me :(
  12. kids stole my john deer last summer. By the time they got it home and hid. it was a mess. no key...they broke the switch, pushed it through a MUDDY creek, broke hood off.and on and on. Neighbors identified the culprets as the kids on next street. They were caught. 7 kids total. ages 7 thru 14. I had no choice but to prosecute. After hearing the mother lie about the how the kids had possession of it. Starting with the date as of a week earlier then the actual date it became missing.She said the kids had it given to them. I hated to do what I had to do for the kids sake. The court had the kids all write an apology to me. I didn't charge them for repairs. Maybe I should have. But it was a SingleMon. Hopefully they learned a lesson. I do blame the mom on this one. Just because she lied. Sad

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  13. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    The deal with my little uncle (the father of the perp) told me "I dont need this right now, i have enough trouble" only thought was he didnt need it: i didnt want it...told me how he was behind on his bills, his truck wouldnt run(wawha whaa) the mean time im dealing with daughter getting molested...Poor Him -----What An @$$!!!!!!...sorry i get all fired up just thinking about it again