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Where are the steelhead?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by archman, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Ok, this is starting to get a little frustrating. I've probably been out to the breakwalls 5 or 6 times now, and have only gotten two fish. I haven't seen too many caught when I've been out there either. I've gotten a few hits each time, but it's been VERY slow. I've talked to some locals that I know catch fish, and they are averaging no more than 1 fish per outing as well. Are they just not in yet? My guess is that these warm spells just are delaying things. I know a few are in the rivers, but not in any great numbers. What's going on here? It's puzzling because they came in earlier than normal, but then it's like they just stopped.
  2. I am a bit puzzled too. I put in some long hours this past week at Fairport from my boat both casting and trolling and only caught one fish there. We did pull 3 out of a hole on the Chagrin but Fairport seemed like the place to be. I saw about a dozen get caught over a 3 day period but for the amount of casting I did...I should have had a dozen myself. It reminded me more of muskie fishing than steelhead...10,000 casts for every one fish! Oh well, it was still fun.

  3. Joel, I PMed you on this one, but from what I have observed the fish ARE coming into the rivers, slowly, and sticking only to deeper waters into the mouths. I don't know about other rivers, but they defintely are slamming them in the Rocky in certain places. I will just say this: Fish deep as close to the mouths as you can get. The are hitting real hard on jigs with black feathers and chartreuse jig heads. I have been doing really good with an all black maribou style jig with black and feathers and a bit of silver flash. L&D has both jigs. I'll give that way, but I don't like pissing people off by giving away exact spots. There is one hot hole I know for sure, but like I said, people are going start throwing down on if I give thier spots away.

    Joel, man, those certain class of people we talked about are coming out of the woodwork. Really pissed me off yesterday! Later.

  4. Ivan

    Ivan Cigar a-fish-ianado

    I pulled a 28" steelie out of the Grand River yesterday so they are obviously on the move but we could use some rain to liven things up a bit.