Where are the red wigglers?????

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  1. Hi all, new to the group and hope this post goes here. My son and I want to start a red wiggler composting farm to also use as bait. I've tried to find them in the yard by methods posted on the web to no avail. I've also looked at the stores around and nothing due to seasonality. Anyone know where I can dig some of these goodies up for free or cheap? Thanks!
  2. My neighbor has tons. He does the whole composting thing with them. I can ask him where he gets them.

    They don't work very well as bait because they break really easily. They can live underwater for ages though.

  3. I did a google search for them, looks like you can order them online if you cant find them anywhere else. Or just take a shovel along a riverbank and sift through old composting leaves and sticks that build up there.
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    If you have flower beds you can get all you want. The worms like organic material. Each fall when raking the leaves I scrape all the leaves to one side of the bed. I dig a hole about 1-2' deep, scrape all the leaves I can into the hole and cover back up with the dirt.
    Then I dig a hole on the other side of the flower bed, fill with leaves and replace the dirt. Next spring your beds will be full of redworms.
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    I agree with Lewzer...

    I spread mulched leaves in my beds every year and have a surplus of worms. I created a new raised bed last May (a year ago) and in the fall spread my leaves and tilled them into the topsoil. This year I had wonderfully worm-rich soil.

    I put together a compost bin this year and did a little research on vermiculture. http://www.unclejimswormfarm.com/ is the place I would get my worms from if I felt the need for purchasing worms.