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Where are the Hoover fish hiding

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bryan Reid, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Has anyone been having any luck at Hoover? The last fewtimes my friend and I have gone out we have had very poor results. We have been looking for crappie and catfish up around the Big Walnut road area. We put in at that ramp and go a little further North under the bridge. We had good luck there with crappie earlier in the year but nothing lately. Please help! Thanks!
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    look in 16-20 feet of water.they're gangin' up and on the feed.i haven't targeted them yet,but have been catching nice fish "accidentally" on harnesses and cranks,fishing deep.might try around boat docks also.

  3. Will be leaving for Hoover in a few minutes. I don't expect much action because of the time of day and weather. Going to troll in the South end over about 15 to 25 fow. On a beautiful day like this I'm just going to enjoy nature. :D
  4. hoover fish are not hiding as far as i can tell.i saw alot of fish jumping marked alot of fish and caught a number of them.the feed is getting better out there.
  5. shroomhunter

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    Been to Hoover 3 times the last couple of weeks. Ive caught some really nice crappies jigging vibees for saugeyes in 15-22 depths. This was at the South end on the east side of the lake. Fish the points and in between them where it drops into 45+ fish are down 10-25 ft. Oh yeah hang onto that pole with the vibee big catfish eat'm also, just about lost a St. Croix. And since you asked the vibee was 1/4 oz gold with chartreuse belly. GanderMtn Reynoldsburg has them. Probably Hilliard also but don't get over there often.
    GO FISH!
  6. nomore3putts

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    Hate to be stupid, but what exactly is a "vibee". Crank? jig?


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  8. Fished Hoover Sunday and did not do any good at all. Me and a friend of mine fished for Crappie and only caught a handful. I wanted to go to Alum but he wanted to try Hoover, so we did.
  9. Well, my friend and I went out to Hoover last night around 6:30 and stayed until a little after 9:00 with absolutely no luck. We tried fishing in the 15 - 20 ft depth range near where the water dropped off to around 50 ft. Didn't even have a nibble. When we finally left, there were two other boats loading up to leave and everyone there had the same story. No luck at all. Hopefully things will pick up soon. My freezer is out of crappie and I'm down to my last pack of catfish.