Where are the fish at Indain Lake?

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  1. Fished Indain Lake today with no luck. Tried Dream Bridge with nothing at all. Fished North Channel and caught 2 slab gills, couple of small gills and 2 small crappie. Is it because of the water level being so low?:(
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    Thats why its called fishing and not catching

  3. Low water and high temps of water. Need water baddddddddd!! It was not just you they were close mouthed all day and into night. Was a 15 minute bite in couple channels right at dark with about 8 fish caught then it was done. Banged 8 in 20 minutes yesterday 1 good one and 3 dinks in 5 hours tonight. Wind was good baitfish were thick just no action.
  4. im glad to see that you did poorly too slim. ;) makes me feel better.
    I still have your number I almost called you I figured you would be around there somewhere today.
    Question??? What is the ieal water temp for the fall saugeye bite. Mid 40s?
  5. That is where i like to see it stay low to mid 40's they just get down right nasty in that temp range!!:)
  6. may be there by the end of next week based on the forecast.
  7. where would a good place to fish for eyes be right now? Im going to be up there tonight for a football game and would like to fish the lake first.. ive never been there so any help would be appreciated
  8. wind should be pushing towards oldfield some were caught in lakeview harbor last night as well.
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    I stopped in Fishermans Quarters yesterday and one of the regulars told me they were slaying them at North Fork on Friday? Jigs and minnows? A buddy and I spent 5 hours last week and got skunked? I never saw a fish caught.
  10. I heard good reports from all over the lake on friday, I think it was the pre front bite. It seems like at indian you can always get a few just about anywhere. The challenge is finding the motherload. Which I only seem to find when you can't buy a bite most places. Which means most the fish are in one area, and when you find them its on.
  11. Give it a week. I will be nailin them. Hopefully
  12. Will try to leave some by then going over tomorrow will let you know how it goes. :) Heard bite right at dark tonight short lived but quality fish.
  13. Was there from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM in the COLD yesterday(Sunday). Caught 4 from the bank. Biggest one was a little over 18",smallest one at 15 and a half. Didn't see another caught. Must have had the spot today :) First two were bitting like a perch would the other two slammed the minnow. Now I'm sitting here with a sore throat lol......Dan
  14. I fished Dream Bridge, the hole just to the east and the front of Moundwood on Sunday. Only place we caught anything was the bridge. Kept 4, tossed five back and lost 4. Largest fish was 23". After reading the other posts, I'm feeling pretty good about our trip. There were about 5 other boats at the bridge and I think all caught a few. Most on vibes, some on jig and minnow.
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    Dang Dave, nice fishing ya got there, I definitely need to start going to indian lake a lot more often. Alum hasn't produced worth a crap for me
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    went up last night from 5 p.m. till about 730 p.m., fished moundwood, nice and cold, i caught only one Saugeye, and only saw about 4 total caught between all that was out there
  17. I also fished Indian last night. Caught one eye on the North side and then headed to moundwood. Only saw 4 fish caught and 1 hog lost at the shore. Prob. 20 people fishing and the 4 that were caught were caught within 30 minutes. Hope they turn on soon..
  18. I was there as well and reports are right only 4 caught up to dark. Right after dark a guy beside me got a 6-7 pounder really nice fish. I stayed till 6;00 caught 2 keepers in 15 minutes around 7:20 or so and 1 dink later was really slow.
  19. fishslim--were you fishing from shore or boat at Indian yesterday?
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    I went fishing @ paradise point yesterday. not even a bite. about 7 or 8 people were there as well. out of all of us one guy caught 2. WE NEED RAIN!