Where are the Channel cats at Winton Woods

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  1. Honestly where in this lake can you find them. They have the best Carp and Bullhead fishing of any lake I've ever been to, but when it comes to channels they just don't come. We live 5min away and have fished there many years. Only know of/seen 3-4 of them being caught. Catching 20in+ Carp on 8-10lb line is a blast and a challenge, but I want some nice catfish.
    Anyone know of their hang out spots either bank fishing or boat.
  2. can you fish the banks anywhere at winton woods

  3. The Only Bank Fishing Area Is By The Boat House. You Can Bank Fish In The Camp Ground If You Have A Camp Site. You Can Catch Channel Cats At The Camp Ground In The "b" Loop Or Get A Boat And Go To The Dam.
  4. You can also bank fish on the other side of the parking lot. Kind of below Parky's Ark. This area doesn't seem to have much in it though.

    I tried again tonight. 1 rod had a left over live shiner from Isabella and the other used my carp/bullhead bait. The shiners had a few small hits, but I landed a nice , fat bullhead probably just under 2lbs with the other rod. Since the cold front fishing has been slower.

    BTW I tried by the Dam last Sunday and we only caught Bullheads, Carp, and even Bluegill. Those were a surprise considering the bigger hooks and fishing at the bottom at around 20ft down.
    Maybe WW should stock these cats a little more???
  5. where are you catching carp??????
  6. I've caught Carp in various parts around the lake in a boat, but I normally just catch them off the bank by the boat house. There are certain areas that have them. Since I literally fish Winton 2-5 nights a week, I know exactly where the Carp areas are at and where the Bullhead like to play. I may go back tonight.
    As for bait I just use bread, but it also depends on what kind. No bobbers are used and sinkers are optional. They get extremely active as it gets dark. No joke...on Thursday there were well over 100 Carp on the surface just swimming around. I hooked a large one on my small setup with only 8lb line. After fighting him for a bit and having to walk 30ft away from my net, I decided to let in some slack and let him go because I didn't have anyone to net him that night. Oh well...

    If you come out one night and I'm there(young guy with green chair and 2 poles) I'll help you out.
  7. anybody done well bass fishing at ww lately??
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    The bass were really on two weeks ago, but it has slowed up considerably since then.
  9. I fished there last night and the water level is just over normal. The bites were great, but I only caught yet another Bullhead.
    A guy next to me fished with a Bass jig for an hour and finally got a nice 16in Bass.
    Also to my surprise someone down a ways pulled up a stringer with a nice Channel about 18in or so. Didn't make it down there to ask any questions though since I was getting lots of hits.

    One thing that we've noticed recently is that the Carp aren't biting anymore when it gets dark. For months they bit the best when it was dark. Unfortunately since last Thursday it's been really bad, actually close to dead.
  10. We had luck tonight! I was supposed to work later than usual tonight, but they made me stay even later than that. So we only had an hour to fish. That was all that was needed...
    We tried hot dogs tonight. One of my brothers had a hard hit and hooked him. It took roughly 10min to reel in this nice 26in Channel. First Channel cat any one in our family has caught at WW since Sept. 11, 2001(one of the best fishing trips at WW).

    I was getting hits on my crawler rod and landed this small Bullhead. My hot dog rod didn't get more than a couple taps.

    Then after my brother got his bait in the water he hooked yet another one 10-15min later. This was slightly smaller(21.5in)

    My second brother didn't catch anything, but got some nice practice netting fish. He did have a run, but the fish dropped the bait. We wanted to stay later unfortunately the park rangers came 1/2hr early so we had to leave. Oh well not bad for an hours worth of fishing and yes Channel cats do apparently still exist in the area.
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    Those are some nice fish from that area! Good job
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    Top Photo: That is one big Channel.... Congrats
  13. It was a little odd tonight. No, I didn't get any Channels, but the Carp(which haven't been biting this month) were taking hot dogs. Also it was shortly after a cold front. Has anyone heard of carp taking hot dogs?

    This 18in carp was first. Luckily a guy walking his dog came by and offered to take my picture. I was all by myself this trip which made netting fish...interesting.

    Shortly after that fish I hooked a really hard fighter. Honestly I didn't think I would get him in. It took a while netting the fish when it was fighting at the edge. He measured 20.5in and had some nice weight.
  14. This will be my last post on this thread unless (a)you guys want me to continue the WW fishing reports or (b) one of us catches a monster fish that deserves being posted. I'd just like to share my first Channel of WW that was caught last night using hot dogs. He measured 21in and was caught after a long, boring just about bite less 2hrs of fishing.
    It appears that we finally found the "nonexistent" Channels.
  15. Nice channel cat. Thanks for your reports - I've been following and enjoying them since I fish Winton sometimes before work. I have yet to catch a channel there, but plenty of bullheads and carp with the occasional bass. What time do they generally let you fish until in the evenings? Anyone know if there are blues or flatheads there? Keep on fishin.
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    Keep on posting the good ones!

    Yes there are flatheads in there, but not enough to target. I have only heard of a few being caught over the years.
  17. Alright I'll keep posting the good fish.
    I've only heard of one Flathead being caught at WW and I believe it was around 2 months ago or so. It was caught by a young guy who will annoy the freaking heck out of you, but I'm not going to talk about that here. He lies about EVERYTHING so why should we believe him catching a 40lb Flathead at WW. It wasn't until he showed my younger brothers the pic that they believed him. So anyway it appears that they do in fact live in the lake. BTW he took this monster and all the other big fish he catches to his "private pond":(
    As for how late can you stay. It really depends night to night. Normally between 9:30 and 10p.m. is the cutoff. We've only been asked to leave once although we've been really close a lot of other times, even having the rangers watch us pack up and follow us out. Before July 4th you could get away with almost as late as 10:30, but afterwards they began shutting it down 45-60min earlier. It seems that weekends are better.
  18. I finally hooked a good one. It's not my biggest Channel to ever catch, but it's close. He was caught shortly before an hour of fishing and was near where the others have been caught. Once again I was all by myself...thankfully some teens who were leaving passed by me when it was being brought in and one of them netted it for me.
    He measured about 26in. Almost wonder if he's the same one my brother caught the other night. Anyway he was fun to bring in.

    Notice that our net is a little small for most of these fish. Lol
  19. nice channel cat.