Where are all the big fish?

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  1. Have you guys noticed that there aren't too many big steelhead in the rivers yet? It seems like every fish I catch is 22-24 inches, with some skippers mixed in. I've caught one fish that approached 30 inches, and I've caught close to 90 steelhead so far this season. The numbers are great but it would be nice to catch a pig every now and then. Usually I catch bigger fish on average once the river thaws in the late winter, but typically my falls have produced bigger steelhead.
  2. They are in the Rivers or maybe in the Lake

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    I thought 24 inches was pretty big? how big you talking? whats the biggest ones you've guys caught around here?? like 20.97 pounds and 36 and a half inches I think I read is the record. that would be crazy..
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    i haven't got near those numbers but i haven't been out that much... I truely believe that hardware produces bigger fish i am assuming you use floats with those numbers the average fish we have caught would be around 26...
  5. i mostly fish west,where i notivced some smaller fish,but 2 weeks ago we were out farther east, and 90% of the fish were 27-30. we caught a ton. i never experiencd any day like that. maybe all the big fish like t country lol
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    the one I caught last spring had to be around 24-28 inches long. I never actually measured him but got me a measure net this year for that reason.
  7. 24" is about the most average fish you can get out of OH. I'm thrilled when I catch a 29-31" fish like this one I got today:
    29" buck that went about 9 pounds. He was the largest of the day.
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    thats a nice looking fish crum! like when they got some color like that! nice rod too. is a center pin better than a regular fly rod? just curious. r they made just do drift?
  9. I wouldn't say centerpinning is better than a fly rod, but it really depends on what you like. The two are like comparing apples to oranges. I used to be a full fly guy, but then started float fishing last year and got the pin setup this year. Pretty much a centerpin is only made to drift, so its really only practical on the rivers. The thing I like most about the centerpin is that YOU are the drag. You have to use your palm or fingers to slow the running fish. You can feel every little headshake, surge, etc. It really is a fun and challenging way to fish. I am by no means an expert, but it really didn't take long for me to be proficient with it and feel confident in my abilities. Casting the centerpin is the hardest part, but learning to cast one is a lot easier than learning to consistantly cast a fly rod. I still fly fish occasionally, but I love the thrill of the bobber going down and knowing its a steelhead.
    I didn't mean to sound arrogant in my last post. a 24" steelhead is still a beautiful fish, but thats average. Its nice to have an "average" fish be 2 feet long, isn't it?!
  10. centerpinning is all about numbers. theres no skill or thought to it. it has absolutely nothing to do with flyfishing. dont be deceived by the looks of the setup.

    my biggest this year is in the 28" range. havent seen many big fish at all.
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    gotta love the elitist attitude of the typical fly fisherman.
  12. My sample size sure is not 90 fish this season! Actually I made it out for the 1st time this weekend. I managed to catch 6 fish. Of these, the largest went 25", and three others were under 20". This was on the Chagrin River from Todd Field upstream to Daniel's park.

    The water looked beautiful on Saturday and Sunday morning, but the fish were not too active. There were about 8 guys fishing Sunday morning where I was fishing; the other 7 departed when no fish were being caught.

    I was hoping to catch one nice female steelhead so that I could have some fresh eggs for next weekend when I'll be fishing with my buddy while we teach his son to fish for steelhead. Ironically, all six fish that I caught were males! I guess that minnows and jig/maggot will be on the menu for next weekend.
  13. who's gonna make the popcorn?
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    I would guess "big fish" would be in the 30" 10lb. range?? That is what I would consider a big steelie. Really anything over 28" is solid.So far this season I have caught 29 steelhead. Only 3 of those went 27" or over. 2-27" 1-28" That is just about 1 in 10 fish or 10% that are in the 27"/7-8lb range. In my log I have caught 10 that are in between 23"-26" and 14 between 20"-22" Then also a 17" and 15". I have yet to break the 30" 10lb. mark. I have been going twice a week looking for that badboy!!!!!:D
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    thanx for the info on the centerpin crum. do you use flies with it or real bait?
  16. Been fishing mostly east this year. I would say about 1 in 8 fish have been 28" or longer. Biggest fish is just over 30", have caught 3 that size. Fish count this year is between 60 and 70. I too have noticed a few more big fish caught on hardware than on jigs or eggs, but the water is a little cold for good hardware fishin.
  17. Yesterday a fly guy walked away from a prime hole he was fishing with a fly rod for 2 hours. My first centerpin drift and second drift caught 2 nice steelhead in his spot. The center pin gets the bait down into the strike zone faster and stays in the strike zone a lot longer. I catch steel using fly's along with bait using the pin. FYI: The pin has its own set of challenges verses the fly rod. BTW I know a couple of fly fisherman that know how to use one that would of caught those fish :D
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    My thoughts exactly!
    Some folks just can't resist. :)
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    Just an observation but aren't the fished stocked in our tribs Manistee strain from Michigan? and aren't they spring run fish? I have heard from many real good steelhead fisherman the best time to get alot of big fish is past the winter months like nov, dec.
  20. Exactly what I thought. From what I understand, the strain of fish stocked by PA commonly runs in the fall, which is why the fishing is better farther east in the fall, we get alot of their stray fish???