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When you least expect them.

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by Tiny Tim, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to know how many of you have ever got a Flathead when you were fishing for something else!! The biggest I ever caught was with a crankbait while Bass fishing. A guy I work with was in another boat and together we figured it weighed around 50lbs. I got another out of the Ohio river a few years ago on a 1/16oz. jig that went 35lbs. The reason I brought it up is, I got another one yesterday on 7 1/2 in. Yum worm flippin for Bass. I knew right away what it was!! After a 5 minute battle I had it in the boat. I didnt have anything to measure it with or any way to get a picture to post, but I figure it was a good 25lbs. Quite a suprise with a flippin stick. All of them I get, I release them to fight another day. I have been to Salt Fork several times this year after them, but so far have got nothing but channels for the effort. Maybe I should stick to Bass fishing. Seems to be the way to catch one. :)
  2. We were out tring for white bass and the guy with me caught a 36" 35+ lb flattie on a 1/2 oz lime jig and 8 lb test line. What a fight he had, it took about 25 minutes. River fishing is awesome.