When will it be fishable again?

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  1. With our minor monsoon the past few days, when do you think the Maumee will be fishable again? Easter weekend is usually a madhouse, but not with these conditions. Hopefully by Monday she is ready to go. Later.
  2. Lol snow and 30f for next 2 days. She is screwed for a while. I cant wait to get out of this hell hole ohio weather. :)

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    I would say you will be able to fish the Orleans park area by Sunday or Monday and the other areas like Jerome Rd rapids and buttonwood, it might not be fishable until Wednesday or so.
  4. I would shoot for Tues-Wed next week as well. Orleans or White street would be the best bet. The fish in the river now aren't gonna be past Ft Miegs yet, the water is too cold.
  5. Keep us in the loop here Fellas...

  6. Water right now is the color of thick brown beef gravy. But wouldn't pour that on my mashed potatoes.
  7. What does water color have to do with snagging fish??? J/K

  8. It is supposed to crest sometime this evening at over 587. It took 3 days to even get close to decent fishing earlier in this year when it got that high. Sunday afternoon may be o.k. but far from good. This is of course based on us not getting anymore precipitation, possoble snow tomorrow..................
  9. You should take your act on the road......you really are that FUNNY!! I think all the time you spent on thin ice this winter has made you soft in the head:)
  10. Well if you snag a fish they fight better in the thicker water :p
  11. Yeah...hoping for Sunday sometime...

    Won't be long now...the last few days of March have been very good for the last few years..

    This is hilarious...one site goes down...the other fires up with regulars...

  12. Can someone point me to a tackle store where i can get some big treble hooks and weights? I mean BIG? Maybe maumee tackle has some in stock?

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    Speaking of snagging is there a legal definition anywhere. I have read if a fish doesn't voluntarily take a presentation then it is considered snagged. Which techincally means if you flossed the fish even though hooked in the mouth would still be considered snagged. Not sure if this applies here or not?
  14. [​IMG]The run is over i caught this white bass today:confused:
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    Jann's Netcraft will have anything you need, they have any and all tackle building supplies....www.jannsnetcraft.com...... they are right there in Maumee.
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    From what i ave been told by the ODNR was that the hook must be in the mouth with the hook protruding from the inside out, you can be in the mouth with the hook from the outside in and it is leagally a snaged fish. i know that i am very carefull down there, no fish is worth 125.00 to me. good luck and keep your lines tight.
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    that's a good one!

    from the looks of the photo, it sure was nice weather down there this morning! :rolleyes:
  18. yeah just a little humor due to this crappy weather:D
  19. just drove by the river guys, and she is BLOWN at about 10feet, needs to drop about 6 feet.
  20. Has anyone else been watching the USGS site?? It has started to go down a little but the if look at the graph it is up and down hourly. This is the first year I have watched it this close and I find it very interesting. I assume it is the wind direction that causes the hourly fluctuations??