When Tigger & vc1111 talk...

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  1. When Tigger and vc1111 talk about making crank baits people listen.

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to make my fellow OGF tackle makers aware that John (Tigger) and Vince (vc1111) will be putting on a 1 hour seminar on crank bait building. The seminar will be from 2:00 - 3:00 on Saturday March 1 at the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Show put on by the Fairport Harbor Rod & Reel Assoc. This is your chance to meet these two OGF tackle makers, learn how they do things, and witness first hand their passion for crank bait building. I have met John and I am looking forward to meeting Vince. They both have played a big part in my obsession for making crank baits. I'm also hoping I get a chance to meet other OGF tackle makers there.


    Here is a link to a thread in the lounge with more info on the Outdoor Adventure Show.
  2. I know i'll be there unless i got school.

    nevermind, i just checked the calander. :(

  3. This makes me wish i had won the lottery ,i´d be right over .
    Would be super to meet some of you guy´s in person .
    Hopefully someday i´ll be able to visit U.S.A
  4. ok, listen not the smartest tool in the shed, maybe the most dangreous, lol, but why doesnt some one record the 1 hr seminar, that way members of the board wont completely miss out, heck could even sell them to the members here and donate the money to a charity of choice, as for you swede, they have enough meatballs over there, they dont need a swedish meatball ha ha , besides i would have to go and translate for you,as i am the only one who watched the muppets enough to know how to speak like the chef off of there, lmao, just having fun swede, waiting for the day to meet you and the other guys in person, would be awesome,

  5. In the area at the top of my list of things I'm looking forward to that day is meeting a lot of the people who hang out on these boards. It should be a blast.

    Swede, if you ever come to the USA make sure you shoot me an email. I'd love to take you fishing and break bread with. You'd be welcome at my home anytime.
  6. this is one im REALLY REALLY looking forward to! cant wait see you guys there!!!!
  7. It should be alot of fun!
    I guess Dixie said that the room we will be in has nothing planned after us............. so we can hang out there till 5 he said.

    I know Vince said he would bring some his bench top sanders and such and we make some sawdust.

    I will bring some of that resin stuff and make a couple of baits.

    It should be a ton of fun meeting everyone. I am really looking forward to it.

    Etch you are hilarious! LOL

    Swede I hope someday we can meet. I think I will traveling over there maybe next year to visit Mr Flemmming. I would to stop by and visit.
  8. Shame it's not in April /May, I would surely have a look. Sounds good. pete
  9. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Thanks to these GREAT guys for doing this. Both are traveling a good distance and I think there may be a Lure or two donated to be raffled off too!

    Our club is very excited about this for sure. Tigger's right you guys have the room for as long as you need it. Heck you can make it a sleep over....nah scratch that. I don't want to see any OGF'ers in their jammies!

    Dixie Chicken
  10. Dixie, I can assure you there would be a high attrition rate at the event if I were to show up in my Super Hero underoos pajamas.

    "I'm Spider Man! Spider Maaaaaan! Yes, I am...."

    *vc darts about the room sporting his tights and gadget belt...
  11. I've got couple baits ready for donation at the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Show put on by the Fairport Harbor Rod & Reel Assoc. I'm still finishing them, but I'll post pictures of them soon.

    One is a musky bait that isn't ready quite yet, and another is a bass topwater prop bait, which should be done very soon.
  12. Someone say Top-water buzzzzzz baits for the night bite! :D May be a Popper too.;)
  13. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Just catching up on this post.

    Whoo Woo!!

    Vince & John are going over the top for us. Can't wait. The feed back I've been getting is all good!

    Thanks Guys
  14. Here's the finished bass bait, a Bumble Bee Buzzer beckoning bulky, big-bellied, bawdy, burly, bitter, belligerent, bellicose bass:D :D :D :D :p :
  15. I might be able to make it. We only have to go over 1 chapter on the 1st so i might be able to get out at 1:30
  16. BBBBBZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Fish on!:D

    Pretty cool lookin buzz bait man. Tryin too get out but well have to wait an see.
    Larry make sure you keep the hooks away from John! If not at least bring a :C kit!:)
    Vince Black works well also along with all white. Nice job guys!
  17. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Really great looking bait Vince. Should generate lots of interest for our raffle.

    Jig it looks like Vince must know John pretty good as he does not have any hooks on this one at all. Jig you had me spitting my coffee this am I was laughing out loud!!!

  18. I'd fire out a few jokes at John's expense, but I have a history of incidents of my own...most are colorful and involve flames or sharp items.
  19. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Did any of the start with "Watch this Boys"?
  20. No hooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great. I got ripped again this past weekend in the hand.

    Reminder to myself............. Don't hang baits with hooks by the light switch! LOL

    I can't wait for the show. Man am I behind on viewing the new posts! LOL

    Vince the bait look great!!!!!!!!