When is MWCD letting the waters back up?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by RippnLips, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. RippnLips

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    Hey guys, just getting kinda restless. It's in the 60's here. Give's me some fishin fever. When are they letting the water back up at the following lakes?
    Atwood, Leesville, Saltfork, Peidmont, Tappan, Clendening. Planning on buying a new boat, and just curious.
  2. misfit

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    i don't know the schedule,but you have awhile to wait.at least a couple months,i'm sure.

  3. Dont know about most of them,but Seneca wont come back to normal pool till late spring. Salt Fork is just about normal pool now.They let Seneca down a lot more this year than normal so they can add-on to the rip-rap around the dam area.
  4. The alum creek watershed got a lot of runoff this morning and we're under a flood watch till wed am. Depending on how wide they open the gates we could be at summer pool in the next 48hrs.
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    LOL just buy it you won't have to go to the lakes.
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    Net said what I was thinking! I know the Nimisilla Creek here in Canton was at the top of the banks and ready to spill over. They're talking about we(the shop I work in) getting flooded out like it did a few yrs back, almost put us out of buisness. If it wasn't for Ralph Regula getting us that small buis. loan, I'd be working somewhere else. Anyhow, it's near that stage. The Ohio will be at flood stage sometime tomorrow or Thurs. Hell, drill some holes and let the fish swim above the ice & we can get the boats out..................................................................... :D :G