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    Was wondering how many rod-n-reel set ups everyone has? Every time I want to buy ether a new reel or rod my wife asks me “why, you can only fish with one and you have a garage filled already”. I tell her every fishing situation needs a certain setup . I’ve bought everything from Surf casting and musky setups to flyfishing and ice fishing tip ups and I won’t even start on the tackle needed ;) . Actually she’s pretty good about it and has never stop me from buying new stuff (she fishes and so do my three kids) but I’m wondering if I need some kind of professional help. Anyone else out there with the same affliction ? :confused:
  2. yep got the same thing here , BUT ,I don;t drink/smoke or chase other girls [or boys] LOL ] you can never have enough stuff , just be extra nice on birthdays/and other events , some day do some sorting and have a huge garage sale . [makes extra money for more stuff. ] works for me.



    i kind of have the same problem but all i can say is thank god i have my own checking account and the wife has her own checking account.
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    my wife was the same way when we first got married. she did not fish then. now she does, so when i buy something, she wants one also. instead of buying one, i have to buy two.:D :D :D
  5. my goal is to have more colors of reef runners than my wife does shoes. i'm getting there.
  6. After reading corndawgs post, I stuck my head out into the garage and counted 67 rigs ready to go hanging from the ceiling. Now that may seem like a lot but I don't really think so. If you break them down into catagories like salt water/fresh water, heavy duty, medium and light action, bait casters/ spinning/spin casting, ice, antique/ collectables, and there was even a couple cain poles out there. Why? Because they make me happy! Now you have to understand that most of these fishing poles hang over my wife's new Honda Accord that I'm paying over $550.00/month for. While my 1994 Chevy S-10 sits out in the cold. I work 6 days a week. She works 2. Whenever there is an issue wheather or not I need another fishing pole I just stand there and stare at her car. I bought a new Pfleuger last week and I'm waiting on a new Quantum from Bass Pro Shops that should be here any day now. My reasoning for this is that when I retire I won't be able to spend alot on fishing stuff, so I'm getting it NOW! But my therapist says I don't have to talk about it if I don't want to. (huge grin) Yes, corndawg, some of us got it bad. And btw, if she sends me to the store for something, it costs her a new fishing lure. Why? Because that's what I charge.
  7. I only have 47 rod/reel. So I am buying about 3 to 4 more per year so I don't run short. After 25 years the wife has settled into my addiction.
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    From the responses I don’t feel so bad although it sounds like I have some catching up to do. I have 4 Shakespeare reels on steel rods hanging on the wall that my dad bought when he was in his early twenties (he’s 91, looks likes 61 and still fishes). At last count I have 41 rods and reels in the garage, 2 in the truck of my car for a grand total of 47. Of course this doesn’t including my wife’s stuff or my kids.


    I think you pretty much put my thoughts into words although my wife does put in her 40 a week.
    As far as running to the store for the her, I charge the same amount.
  9. Looking back on what I have in my inventory now, I guess you could say I'm also afflicted but you have to have the right tools for the task at hand. Oh sure some may think you have way too much tackle or rods and reels, but it'll be that one time when the conditions call for it, and you didn't have what you needed. So yes I have a set up for most of my fishing styles. In tournaments you really have no choice. How can you compete when you spend most of your time re-rigging one or two rods to the different conditions you face, or constantly digging in your tackle boxes and re-tie all the time? You've got to have them at the ready. At least have the confidence lures tied and ready to go, but for me, that's at least six or seven rods and reels! Afflicted? I call it more of being better prepared, its a work in progress. Take care.:B
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    looking in my closet i have 10 combos that i use i know i have 25 more combos in my g-maws grage (i live in a 1 bedroom with my girlfriend) but i know i have more at my dads and scatered other places i have 50+ totall ................i know my dad has 800-1000 rods at his place new and old ..........last year alone i know he bought 40+ rods for the charters