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Wheeling Cabela's

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by SteinwayFishing, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Ok,
    I am planning a trip to the new Cabela's at Wheeling to check out some random stuff. I heard that their rod/reel stock isnt the greatest down there. Anyone got any advice on that, or know of a place closer with a better rod/reel selection. Mainly, I want a place that has a good selection of baitcasters, at reasonable prices, without the drive. Because, if their selection is what i have heard it is, I will just order it from the catalog, and save myself the gas money!!! haha!
  2. Kames in North Canton. They have a good selection of both rods and reels. This week most is on sale. Quarrow Green mile rods at 50% off, Shimano reels at 20% off are examples.

  3. I'm a bigger fan of BPS in Cincinnati, but it's also where my mother in law lives so it's easier to go there with the wife's permission. I just drop her off at her mother's, and off to heaven I go. Cabela's and BOS are an event worth going to see. I think BPS has more reels and rods, but it's probably about equal. If you're not into the experience, just order it through the ctatlog and save on gas. Try to avoid Cabela's on the's packed!

  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Not sure about the Cabelas in Wheeling yet, but if its like the one in Dundee, go there before BPS in Cinn.
    I went to BPS when they opened and have not been was a waste of time and gas $.Ganger Mt. has a better selection then they did and i hate Ganger Mt.

    I have been to a few REAL BPS and the one in Cinn. is not even close......but if it's the only tackle shop around you might think its great?

    As far as both of these shop are concerned, the best selection is on thier web sites, most of these shops carry items only for that selection on all BPS gear is at thier MAIN store out west, other than that order on-line.

    If your in Columbus, check out Fisherman's Warehouse
    1125 Williams rd.
    Columbus, Ohio 43207
    WAY better than Gander mt. & Galyans !!

  5. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    All though call first before hitting fishermans warehouse, they are like me and without any power so they are closed until power is restored. have not seen a single Utility truck in the Greater Obetz area so I can only assume at least one more day of no electric.

    Yes the BPS in Cincy is not the largest one, actually I have just went to BPS in Harrisburg PA and it was something else compared to the one in Cincy. I have also been to Cabelas in Dundee and the new one in Wheeling, my nod towards rods and reels will have to go to Dundee by a small margin. Cabelas and BPS are both great all though at slightly different things.

    Cabelas is more of a specialized store, that is where you can go and find some hard to fing outdoor stuff. Bass Pro is more of a giant Walmart sports section, yes they have some specialized gear but for the most part it is just a lot of variety of the same old stuff. In that case you will probably find more of what you are looking for in a rod and a reel there. On the other hand if you are looking for noodle rods, euro distance rods and stuff like that Cabelas is the place.

    Either way I would not turn down a chance to go to either one, and if you have kids bring them along they will love either place. In your case for baitcasters, if you do not mind the crowd and can wait to spring, I would wait for the BPS spring sale in Cincy, always some good buys there.
  6. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Like I already told you Steinway, go down to see the store but in general, don't expect to get a great deal unless you find something on sale that you really need. Just a good place to see, not the best place to buy everything! I like to help support the smaller places near home more than I do a big store that has to pay for advertising. If nothing else, order online.