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  1. I am in the market for a rotary vice and wanted to get your thoughts on whats a good one. I don't have a huge budget but want something of quality. I have been tying on a Gander Mtn. vice for about 6 yrs. now and looking to upgrade to a rotary! Whats your thoughts! Thanks.
  2. I tied on an Indian made full rotery for quite awhile and it got the job done. When I did upgrade last year I went with a Nor-Vise. Alot of people don't care for them, but I love mine and it works good for me.

  3. I have the Peak vice that I really like. When I was looking to upgrade, I found it to be the best bang for the buck. The Montana Mongoose vise (do not remember the Co. that makes it) was my runner up. Happy shopping!:)
  4. Spent the money on my first vise and it will be my last Renzetti Traveler. I have two sets of jaws for it 18-1, and from 1/0-6/0!
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    Renzetti and HMH. Renzetti customer support is best I have ever seen in a company! Had Dyna Kings and lots of trouble and no response from at all concerning issues.
  6. It is funny how experiences differ. I have a DynaKing Barracudea and it is by far the best vice and service of any I have used...which is quite a few and with a lot of use since I tie commercially. DK has not yet let me down, but can be on the pricey side, though yuo could pick up a rotary from them for $150-$180. The Peak vices are also very nice products.
    The best thing you can do is to go to a shop that has a fwe different vices and try them out. The vice yuo get needs to fit your hands and tying style to feel comfortable and that is the best way to be sure yuo get what you want.
  7. I have an entry level rotary DanVise. Very cheap, not very attractive (black kevlar-like material) but gets the job done and under $90.00. I have tied size 20 to 1/0 so far with no issues.
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    I have a Griffin Mongoose. I like it.
  9. Hey guys thanks for the replys. I am currently looking at all the models mentioned and going to hit up the local fly shop. I would like to get one soon so I can fill the steelhead box back up. If any of you guys have one that your not using I would be interested in hearing what you got!! Thanks again and see you on the water.