whats your smallie box look like?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by big_fish, Feb 13, 2008.

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    I know this has been posted before but we have some new members and it is always nice on these cold winter days to talk fishing and share info so what do you have in your box? I have mostly streamers clousers,black nose dace,mickey fins some rabbit strip streamers I have been working on ect then a small assortment of poppers (sneaky petes to 2x poppers) as for nymphs I have some black and brown stone flys a few hairs ear and pheasent tail mostly tied in a larger size (nymphs on steriods) also some caddis nymphs some foam beetles and ants and hopper and crickets dont realy have that much on the line of trditional dry flys trying to work on it a little this year I have a few caddis (ehc and goddard)and a few may fly so what do you have?:)
  2. I have muddlers, and buggers and a few big ant patterns , couple of stoneflies.few beadhead nymphs...Zonkers, Sculpins..just put some clouser crayfish and have been trying to tie up the holschag hackle fly..all flies between 4-12 ...gonna more craw imitations this summer than I did last year.

  3. looks like you have a decent assortment. all i have is wooly buggers in black, olive, and brown, some clousers in green, charteuse, white, some cork poppers(size8-4), other streamers(creations of mine), prince and hare's ear nymphs. i dont always go exactly for smallies, and the flies i use catch other fish as well. when u know where the fish is, the fly selection is extremely important to me.
  4. 007 you throw large!!. Those are bigger than the smallies I catch! ha! you must get into some big fish.
  5. clousers, black, green/wt, all white, and brown/purple, some craws, lots of poppers and sneaky peats black, green, yellow, and black, and lots of bunny variations, and im going to try some new stonecat and dater stuff this year. not much under a size 6 anymore
  6. Deep clousers, variety of streamers,zonkers,and marabou muddlers. Also poppers,floating frog imitations,and misc dry flies.
  7. I throw large flies so for the most part it shys away the smaller fish. I would say some times i get skunked cause I use 1/0, 2-4's, but its when I hook into a smallie thats 20" and beyond its all worth while! I do get some smallies and I wonder how they get the hook in there mouth .. lol..