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Whats Your Choice and WHY?

Discussion in 'Bass Discussions' started by Bass_Hawg, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    Just want to know what everyone else is using in the way of line for bass fishing. I have three poles for bass fishing. Two have bait casters with Spiderwire stealth on them. One is 30# test the other is 50# test. I use the 30# for soft plastics, and small top water or small cranks. The 50# is used for flipping or pitching, heavy top water, spinners, cranks and anything else I can find to throw at them. the third pole is a spin cast and has Berkley 14 pound xl. I use this when fishing small jigs and small plastics that are too light for the bait caster.

    I love the spiderwire. I get great sensitivity, good power on hook sets, and the strength of the line, as far as durability, is pretty good. I only half to retie every once and awhile after going through heavy cover. I am also able to cast like a dream with this line. I like Mono but just don’t have as much success with it as I used to. When I tried Fire line I liked it but it just didn’t seem to be quit as strong or sensitive as the spiderwire.

    What do you other bass guys and gals use and why? ? ?

  2. I usually have 3 poles with me and a large tacklebox when I go bass fishing, even on ponds (which my wife makes fun of me)! I started using an ultralight this year for small rapalas, spinners, 4 inch lizards, etc. This set-up is great for throwing the lighter lures and it's a blast to fight a big old bass on it.
    I have a medium-light action rod with spinning reel and 8 pound test. I use this to throw 6 inch lizards, smaller crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters, etc. I also have a medium-heavy action rod with spinning reel and 10 pound test. I use this for heavier crankbaits, topwaters, plastic lizards at times, and smallmouth fishing with tubes.
    Sometimes I will take along my bait-caster outfit with 12 pound test for throwing spinnerbaits and crankbaits that are just a little too heavy for the spinning reels.

    I tried the Spiderwire but didn't care for it. I now stick with mono and get 700 yards from Wal-Mart for just over $2. It does the job just fine for me!

  3. 1 Flipping rod 7"6 20lb testBig Game for you guest it jigs
    1 Flipping rod 7"6 20 lb test Big Game for tubes, worms, craws
    1 spinning rod medium 7" 10 lb test tubes for erie
    1 spinning rod medium 6"6----------tubes for erie, worms small jigs
    1 medium rod baitcaster 6"6 12 lb Big Game spinnerbaits
    1 medium rod baitcaster 6"6 ------------- jerkbaits
    1 medium rod baitcaster 7" --------------buzzbaits
    1 medium rod baitcaster 7"----------------crankbaits
    1 medium rod baitcaster 6"3 --------------crankbaits
    1 medium light baitcaster 6"6 -------------crankbaits
  4. For flippin, I use a 6'6 MH rod with 17 lb test mono..that's plenty. For a crankbait, I like to use a 6'6 M action rod with a soft tip and a strong backbone. Braided line is very strong and like you said, very sensitive.
  5. Looks like you do some pretty serious bass fishing jig. Good luck!!! :)
  6. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Started using Power Pro 30lb. w/ 8lb. diameter. Really liking it so far. Don't care for spiderwire either it's to limp, difficult to tie at times.
  7. I always go back to clear/blue Stren of different test. I did try the Spider Mono 6lb on my ultra light and am liking it.
  8. Bnichs

    Bnichs ...

    I have 2 Baitcasters that Currently have 15lb P-Line Copolymer stuff on them.
    2 more baitcasters with Original Stren in 12lb
    a Flipping Rod with 65# Spiderwire Stealth on it

    The spinning rods have either 8 or 10lb Original Stren on them.

  9. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I still have some Berkley Pro Select left that I like. It's a pitty they stopped making it. I like the Stren Heavy Cover. I use 10# on cranks and jerkbaits, 12# on spinnerbaits and surface lures, and 17# for flippin. My spinning reels have 6# Berkley Fireline.