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Whats Your Best Fishing Story

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by big black jeep, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. MY best fishing story is when me and a friend were out on his boat. We had been out there for several hours and I was the only one catching anything and my buddy was always missing the hook set. So I tried to help him but he wanted none of that. We were getting ready to head in and he starts to get a bite, so he sets the hook so hard that he looses his balance and falls backward of the boat. So while he is still in the water he decides that he is going to keep on reeling and he ends up catching the biggest fish of the day!!
  2. I've got a lot of them but the one that stands out happend when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My dad, brother and I were fishing a pond in our small boat and I got bored and asked if I still had to fish. Dad said "no you can stop fishing if you want", well I just chucked my pole right out into the water as far as I could. Dad was not too happy with me:rolleyes: and asked why I did that all I could say was "well I told you I didnt want to fish anymore". The funny thing was about 10 minutes later my brother gets a "bite", yanks on his pole and starts reeling and pulls up my rod and reel.

  3. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    While fighting a 25lb+ river King Salmon I walked thru a deep hole over my head and went down...came up bobin with the rod up high and a salmon jumping over my head. I ended up winning the battle but lost my flies, accessories and froze my a@@ off. I later found out that the whole group of guys fishing across the river from my group had bet $$$ if I was going in or not. As I came out of the water with my fish I got a round of applause. :D
  4. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    When I was fifteen went to the French River in Ontario, first day of fishing for walleye with 10lb test and worm rig hooked a fish and it just stopped cold, I thought snag but the guide said hang on you never know up here. So I waited and felt a little tap tap. About 30 seconds later it took off stripping drag. Turned out to be a sturgon.... I fought this fish for six hours it jumped 11 times, some close enough to get us wet the guide said better than six feet long and well over 100lbs. We chased it all over the river and because we had know way to get in the boat he decided to beach it. Well we got into the shallows and it took one last run and the line gave out. I was beat and heart broken. When we got to back to camp people on the docks were waiting to see the fish as another guide from camp saw us fighting it and told everyone we were bringing in a big sturgeon. Very depressing but an event I will never forget.
    two years later I hooked and landed a 5ft 45 pounder with the same rod and reel with 12lb test again walleye fishing with a worm rig. Got that on the wall the guide hit in the heart with the gaff so he bled out all over the boat. It took 45 minutes to land and it jumped six time's. They come out of the water like sailfish or something pretty strange for a bottem dweller but very cool.
  5. This is now a famous saying amongst my friends....thats my last name and anytime someone does something totally outlandish, this is what is said, and here's why......

    I was trout fishing with a few buddies east of Elkins WV. We had been there for a few days and were just catching fish after fish. I was watching my buddy John fish a section of river when all of a sudden he gets a great strike and this fish is a giant. It must have been a brooding male that got released by the hatchery. It comes to the surface, does a tail dance, and John yells for me to get the net. I was standing real close, and I grabbed my net and proceed into this pool after the fish! What was I thinking. Meanwhile this fish is racing all over, to the right, to the left, and I'm trying to net him and he's running all over. Finally, the fish gets near John and I think I had enough line wrapped between the two of us that he just reached over, grabbed the net out of my hands and netted the fish.

    He didn't even say thanks............ :( !


    P.S. I think I may have had too many beers that day, and my sense of judgement was a little out of kilter.
  6. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    A gang of friends and I took a trip to Alaska 8 years ago (6 guys in a 32' RV, talk about CLOSE). Anyways, one of my buddies isn't exactly a fisherman, and he hadn't had much luck the entire trip. Everyone but me and him went on a halibt (sp?) charter, so I told him we'd go down to the river and I'd show him how to catch these salmon.

    It wasn't long (maybe a beer) after that he hooked and I landed his first salmon of the trip. A couple of photos, and I put it on our rope stringer, and tied the stringer to a rock. A while later we caught another, went to put it on the stringer, and the stringer was GONE :eek: Here I am feeling like a shumk as I put it on the stringer, it was his first fish, blah blah blah...

    So my buddy calls up river, "Hey anyone catches a salmon with a red stringer hanging out it's gills, it's mine." I kid you not, maybe 10 seconds later a guy upstream yells, "Fish On!" We look just in time to see that salmon jump completely out of the water, sporting a 3' red stringer. The guy got the fish to the bank and brought it down to my buddy, "Here ya go man!"
  7. A few years ago i was fishing leesville with my grandpa and uncle in their 14ft jon boat they had a cooler as a livewell but it wasn't tied down, anyhow i was sitting on it fishing a worm for bass. Well i got a hit and really set the hook and went straight out the back of the boat! Lol the cooler tipped over and out I went! Worst part was I missed the fish, my uncle had to grab my leg or I would have went all the way out of the boat.
  8. Last night I was sittin on a dock at WB fishin. A guy in a boat saw me catch some fish there and butted in. I didnt mind till he touched the docks because of the wind. No more fish. OK, I was starting too heat up! :mad: He drifted with in 10 ft from the bank in front of me and started to talk too his mother and tell her she was alright!(weather)By this time he had to start his gas motor and move out. The front of his boat was right next too me and a steel dock pole. :D Drove right on the dock up against the pole! Screwed his troll motor up and dam ner hit me in the ... :D :D He goes I better get ! I see you got some fish in here and Ill leave ya alone! I dont think he should fish alone! :C
  9. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Got two of them...

    First, I was fishing a wacky-rigged senko and I overhand casted it towards some trees. I wanted to land right in front of them, but it got away from me and sailed over 2 or 3 fair size branches overhanging the water. As soon as the senko hit the water, BAM! A 2 1/2 or 3 lb bass takes it and in the process he hooks himself. I try reeling him in and obviously there he goes up in the air as my line is over some branches. It made for a difficult catch and release! But I got him!

    Another cute one is when I was fishing a texas-rigged power bait worm. I felt a little tug and I hercules-set the hook. Well, as soon as I did that, my worm comes flying out of the water with about a 4 inch baby bass holding on to the tail. In mid air, he lets go and the worm and the fish take slightly different flight paths. The worm sails by me and I catch the baby bass with my left hand right in front of my face! This little fish flew about 30 yards! I still laugh about that little guy to this day!
  10. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    We were fishing for crappies at Delaware one night. There were about 6 or 7 of us fishing. My buddy asked to check a rod that was laying on the rocks beside me. I didn't think anything of it , but, I was being set up. I picked up the rod and the reel fell off and I managed to catch it with my left hand. Well, those jokers all started laughing until they realized I had managed to hook a LM Bass. They got real quiet after that.

    On another trip we were fishing a pond and catching bullheads like crazy. Well after a few beers I'm standing there and I step back and step on the edge of my tackle box and launch most of the contents into the air and the pond. I think they're still laughing at that one.