What's wrong with Shakespeare reels?

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  1. I've had 3 Shakespeare reels and all 3 have ended up broke. It's either been the screw for the handle or the bail spring or just some cheap plastic part inside cracking in half. I didn't pay outrageous amounts of money for them but shouldn't you at least get a few years of use out of a reel? It's not like I'm fishing for Great Whites.

    I like the rods on the other hand...the Ugly Stik is one of my favorites. Just fix those darn reels!
  2. I don't know how much you spent for your reel but all manufacturers offer an economy line which will have non-metalic parts that wear fairly rapidly. If you want a reel that will last and be trouble free for a long time, think about investing $75 to $100 in a medium high end reel. I purchase medium and high end spinning reels and bait casters for bass and walleye casting but only invest $25 for perch jerking. My Shimano reels are anywhere from 10 to 20 years old while my economy Diawa reels only last around two seasons. Like they always say,,,"You get what you pay for".

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    "get what you pay for", couldn't say it any better.
  4. I have an older shimano that is just now starting to go bad, but its 15 years old almost so it had a good life. ON the other hand my new diawa is a 20 dollar combo but feels decent, but im sure its gonna die in a season or two but im ok with that. Id rather buy 5 reals in 10 years for $20 a piece then 1 real in the same ammount of time for $100.
  5. I know...get what ya pay for (I probably paid $40 for rod & reel) but why spend money on something that's gonna need to be replaced in 2 years?

    I've got two Shimanos that have held up very well over the years and are still really nice. I just splurged and bought a 6500 Baitrunner based on the other two.
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    I know people who are extremely hard on stuff... my son for one. With him, you would soon find something broke on anything no matter cheap or expensive.
    Not accusing you of the same... just saying.
  7. I Have a Shakespeare reel I payed 165.00 Ten years ago and I don't Think Its' Going to die anytime soon. It' a saltwater reel I fine there made better then most frash water reels. My only problem is that they don't make that reel anymore.