Whats wrong with her???

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  1. This morning I noticed a puddle of green oil under my outboard. I'm assuming this is from the lower unit, cause if you look at the picture with the plug, it looks like it has come from there.

    I had this motor winterized at my local marine shop back in November and I haven't touched it since, and now this? What could cause this? Am i in trouble on this??????

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    is any oil commimg out from inside the prop? had a motor do that and it was excess fogging oil. not sure here though.

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    check the oil fil/drain screws to see if they still have their seals on them if thats where it is comming from. if not have the lower unit pressure tested,it only cost a few bucks.
  4. I don't know about your motor ,but some have a teflon type seal,some have a O ring some have both,,,check the color of the lower unit oil,,,what color oil are you using in your motor,,if it is coming from the plug I will bet it has a bad seal or the wrong ones
  5. oil is leaking from some hose, at first i thought it could be hydraulic fluid from the tilt trim (based on the pictures I took). After closer inspection though, I can tell its 2 stroke oil...guess it leaking out from one of the hoses... Gotta find it before I lose all the oil...

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    I can see one thing strange with those pics. NO SNOW! c'mon spring!!
  7. Oil injection is nice untill you run into this issue ive had to re ring a sled and a dirtbike due to oil lines coming off.No oil in a 2 stroke means one thing a quick meltdown.Those lines are also prone to hardening up and cracking.
  8. To me that looks more like 2 stroke oil as well. Is tyhat an older motor where you have to mix the gas or does it have an oil resivore. If it is an older motor is your fuel line still pluged into your motor?
  9. This motor has a reserve, and the reserve is now lower than when I had it topped off in November). There's oil on the inside all over the hoses and wires. Can't tell where its coming from though...
  10. The boat motor I just bought is oil injected but someone disconnected the whole thing. So I just mix. It might be a pain, but at least I know whats in the motor.

    I did have excess fogging oil that came out the exhaust. All my outboards do this. But it's usually black and nasty looking.
  11. Looks like gear oil. Get it checked before you run it. It is possible that fishing line got behind the prop and tore up your seal or the seals are just in need of replacement. It's alot cheaper to reseal than to rebuild when it breaks from no lubrication.

  12. It looks nothing like gear oil, if it was just replaced a few months ago for winterization, it would be like cold syrup. That is 2stroke oil (blue) not gear oil (when new dark orange...kind of like the color of...well, gear oil). The drain screw would have to be about half way threaded for a puddle of brand new cold gear oil to leak out. It would also be dripping off the bottom of the skeg where it would run down, like it does when you change it in the fall. Like said before, if you've got oil injection, look around the engine tank and the fuel pumps where it's mixed in. Find the highest point of the fluid and look at the line above it (if it wasn't under too much pressure). If under pressure, look right near the highest point of oil sign.
  13. Well I must have bought 2 cycle for my lower unit! I guess its all the same color.... NOT! You may be right but who knows I could be to! I would AT LEAST check the level. If it is close to full run it and check it again if it is milky you have a likely have a bad seal. I'm not trying to cause an argument! I would rather be safe than sorry if it was my engine.

    I would be amazed if that was from fogging the engine, It seems like a to much oil for fogging. Hopefully something is loose on the oil injection or something simple like that. If it is seals it isn't that expensive to repair. Good Luck I'm done with this thread.
  14. I figured it to be 2 stroke oil cause its the same color as whats in the reservoir. Plus, I opened up the cowl, the reservoir is down, and there's an awful mess of hoses covered in oil.

    Maybe a hose came loose, or the frigid temps caused one to crack... I dunno, but I gotta figure out which one it is.

    There's one good thing about it----at least it happened now and not on the water!

    I gotta get'er running though, springs comin!

    Thanks all u guys for the input.
  15. Looks like a merc.If it was stored tilted up and the 2 stroke res.was topped off mite have seeped out.The caps on some years had problems(mine did)new cap,no more problem.
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    Like jeffro,check the cap. Had a cap that was cracked on the reserve tank was leaking, didn't know it as oil was all over. once I took cap off and really looked at it saw the hair lie in it. A good friend had one split and blow oil all over the inside of the cowling.