What's Working Below Griggs Dam???

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BennyLovesSaugeyes, May 30, 2008.

  1. Going out for my once weekly allowed fishing trip below Griggs Dam next week for some wading for Evening Smallies.

    Just wondering what the smallies are hitting? water current? Temp? and Clarity?


    and AS ALWAYS. If any lonely OGF wants to come out and join me, send me a PM.
  2. Mushijobah

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    Let me know when you are going. I have been meaning to get down there. The bite is on prettymuch everywhere.

  3. I fish down there the frisbee golf course and head south from there. I mostly use poppers on a fly rod but anything with top water action works well. I am heading there Sunday morning. Should be in great condition. I will let you know how it is (water levels and temp). Heading to Scioto park tonight with my son....looks very promising.
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    you're only allowed to go once a week because of the sewage in the water, right?

  5. hahaha. that's a good one 303! My ol' Lady keeps me on a pretty tight leash!! lol. If I go fishing more than once a week, she'll make me go shopping or do some gardening or some other BS. lol
  6. oh my! scioto park is my honey hole. always good action over there.

    Last time out I used some top water poppers, did pretty well. Thanks for the advice and report back!!!
  7. FOSR

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    Does anyone fish around the pull-off at the Franklin/Delaware county line? That's a sweet stretch, not many people in town know what the river looks like along there.

  8. I have probably waded that far north but it would only have been once or twice at the most. By the time I got there I was too tired from the long wade!
  9. Well I feel better now.
  10. topwaterdevil

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    Well then... for a change in subject.

    I was down below Griggs for a bit tonight. Water was up probably 2 feet from the last time I fished it. Was also kind of muddy. Only caught one, missed another one. Will probably be better once the rain we just had washes through the system.
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  12. I drove over the Tangy on Henderson Rd. yesterday (Saturday) and it looked like a triple-creamed latte. I was surprised because, though we had booming and lightning in the Grandview area late, late Fri. night, there wasn't much, or any rain. It must have dumped pretty good up north, though. It sounds as if the Scioto below Griggs isn't as murky. Thanks for the "heads up" TW-Devil. I may give her a try today. I just bought some chest waders for below Griggs after finding out my hip waders "didn't git it"! It'll be their first time outta the box.
  13. The areas from Dublin to Westerville, north of 270, even through to Newark and Zanesville had nasty storms with heavy rains and hail about 4AM Saturday morning. Even our local rivers and creeks were a bit muddy yesterday--down here in Canal Winchester even though we got very little rain.
  14. thanks for all the heads up guys!!! it means a lot.

    Especially the water information, and storms that blew thru. I was down in cinci, didn't rain a drop. By the time thrusday/friday rolls around (once it doesn't rain) conditions should be nice.

    And Leupy.... oh my. hey now!!! that's the weirdest post I've seen yet on OGF. I would maybe look into some self help books or something. lol just kidding buddy. blow off your steam.

    BTW. I tell my lady I'm going fishing once a week. No matter what. I work in the engineering consulting business, thats what keeps me from fishing more, not my lady.