whats up with Burr Oak?

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  1. I was looking to reserve another camping trip and wondered if anyone visited Burr Oak recently. I am very curious - the reservation website shows this campsite is about 95% empty even during weekends. Very strange, most campsites are filled up on weekend during the summer.

    Is this a nice place to go?
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    I have been to the cabins by the lodge there and even those are not crowded during the summer. I believe the reason is that it is so far from any "highway". and there is not much of a city nearby. dont know if the bait store in glouster is open. it wasnt last time i was there.

  3. I should have reported this a while ago - we went to Burr Oak for a weekend in the middle of August.

    The campsite is not very large, but nice. I think because of the distance from a highway, not many people visit this park. But it is so much worth the drive! the reservoir must be one of the pretties in the state, with very clear water. There is little bank access so it is good to have a boat or a kayak. The boat traffic on the water is little. The small beach is nice ad the nearby town reminds a little gold rush towns from the west - it is not almost deserted. The town was booming 50-80 years ago and employed most of the population in nearby coal mines.

    Excellent state park, very much worth visiting.
  4. might check this place out. i hope to get 2 more camping trips in before it gets cold.
  5. one of the best parks i have visted
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