what's up ? no new fishing reports ?

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  1. Gosh, The best time to land the :B is now. The waters have turned over and clearing up by now and the bait fish are schooling up. Time to cruise the lake and find those schools of pre-winter hungry fish. Their wanting to fatten up before hard winter hits. As Tiny Tim said on here a month ago (November can be the hottest time)
    Don't put those boats away - just dress a little heavier and go for it !
  2. Everyone's probably on the water slayin' em instead of on the net. Silence is golden.;)

    I noticed this last weekend at Erie-Cleve-Edgewater Lots of chatter on the radio ch.68 untill the perch bite turned on. And on like a light switch. Then when it got hot and heavy, few words were spoken.

    By the way, now that I have a radio are there any certian channel #'s people use, OGF in particular, on Saltfork n Tappan n Seneca?

    Hope to get out myself this weekend if the farm work allows.
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  3. Pretty hard to post and fish at the same time. LOL Fished Salt Fork on Friday for about 4 hrs.Caught a ton of white bass on Vibes along with 1 good Saugeye about 3lb.Found all my fish in 16-18 ft.of water up on flats.The water temp.was 51.5 when I got on the water in the morning.Those whites are sure fun on light tackle.It should only get better from now on,as the water temp.keeps dropping.The only thing I worry about is the lake level.It is down about 1 ft. from last week.It dont look like they are running it that much but it sure is dropping!!There is only 4ft.of water left in front of the Morning Glory ramp now. It wont be long and the only place you will be able to put in will be the cabins.