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whats the chargin look like???

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish4wall, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. i see that the rocky is up...what about the chagrin???
  2. From looking at the flow charts, it wasn't really affected at all.

  3. Fished there today. Could not see more than six inches down in the water. Tried every color jig that I had and every color spoon and spinner with no hits. Seen a few fish rolling . Talked to a bunch of guys and they had the same results. I guess it was too nice of a day for steelhead fishing...JIM
  4. Jim how much was the water up would like to go sometime this week but it has been bad there with water being so low and how are the leaves down there :confused:
  5. Hey Tom, the water was up but it has a long way to go . The problem is that the holding areas are few and far between because of the low water. You get a few guys down there fishing and you have to wait untill they more out to get a spot to fish. I was lucky last week . A couple of guys moved out of a spot that I wanted to fish and I moved right in . After about 1000 cast in the same area I finally got one to hit. A nice 30 incher about eight or nine pounds. PURE LUCK!!! Plus I dont think that there are many fish down there yet. I did way better last year at this time. Yea, the leaves were a real pain. It was hard to get a full drift because of them . I hate to see a rain blow out but this is what we are going to need to get the fishing in full gear...JIM
  6. I went up this morning for a bit and didn't see any caught. Near the mouth there is absolutely no flow. Jim is right, we do need a blowout. Fortunately, the Chagrin comes down pretty fast if we do get one.
  7. Thanks guys for the info guess ill wait to go down there