Whats the best method to fillet a Blue Gill?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by vikingfisher, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Just curious to see what tips/tricks some of you who have a lot of experience in this field. I have only tried a couple times and you have to catch some big ones for it to be easy. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    try to find and use a small fillet knife :D more precise +

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    Well you are right, you have to have a bluegill big enough first to e worth filleting
  5. That poor fish on u tube aint nothing left of him after he was cut
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    That's what filleting does to a fish.:)
  7. Why the hell are you trying to fillet a Bluegill??? Haven't you ever heard of Walleye, Steelhead and Perch! You are Very Crazy, vikingfisher

    Big Boy
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    Have you ever tried Bluegill? I'd rather eat Bluegill than Steelhead, just my personal opinion. It can be a pain cleaning a mess of them, but it's worth it.
  9. Why would you eat bluegill when you can use them for bait!!!:D :B :B
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    Fillet? Get a deep fryer!
  11. amazing meat, that bluegill has. easily as good as perch- if not better.
  12. Anyone who says that bluegill are not worth filleting either don't like fish in general or have never tried them. They are as good as any panfish around. I thought the filleting video did a fine job of illustrating the technique. As you can see from that video you can probably fillet each of them in under a minute after you do a few to get the feel for it. It really does not take long to do a meal of them.
  13. My first choice; 1#-Walleye.
    a close 1# choice 1.5# - Perch
    second; Blue Gill

    But Gills only caught from colder spring time water. My opinion only is that the fillets R not as tasty past June???????

    Yes that is a itsy bitsy Gill. I would'nt even keep something like that one showed on you-tube.
    Once you get the hang of it a electric fillet knive is the ONLY way to go! I can fillet one in under 30sec..
  14. I eat them on out in the year but I think the key is to get them on ice right away. I agree that the flavor can be a bit different later in the season but that seems to be somewhat true of all fish based on what I have seen.

    It looks to me to be somewhere between 7-8" which is a good size to keep in many pond environments to better control the gill population and ensure better overall size. (less numbers of small gills)

    I realize we have strayed from vikingfisher's original question here. I will get back on track and say that I feel the best way to fillet them is pretty much the way the earlier video demonstrates.;)
  15. IMO i found the best way is... to catch a hunderd or so, and let some one(Dad) else filet them for ya...... you in mean time drink a beer and wait for the oil to heat up...


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    They are easy. If you use a regular knife, choose a smaller one. Make one cut behind the gills, then make a slit along the back (following the rib cage), when you get past the ribs, push the knife all the way through and finish the filet along the tail. There is not much meat under the ribs, so I just hold the filet and tear it off by hand over the ribs and under the rib cage. If they are monster gills, I will try to filet the belly meat, though.
  17. I like to cut off the head, gut them,scale them, cook them, pull out the spine and ribcage, enjoy you waste very little meat this way, and when you get good at it you can remove the spine and ribcage in one piece
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    That quote takes me back
  19. I found a restaurant/bar in northern Wisconsin that serves fresh bluegill. A basket of fillets and fries for $8. Only place I've ever found them on the menu. Nothing better after a day of grouse hunting.