What's lurking in the hoga???

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  1. SO I was fishing the hoga yesterday in the Kent area, and there was a MASSIVE fish lurking around on the far bank under a tree leaning into the water. Everything I threw at it, no luck. I tried swirly tails on jigs (a bunch of colors), spinners, a lot. It looked like a carp, so I even tried putting a bit yellow plastic worm on a hook to look like a piece of corn. No luck, it wasn't biting. Thing was probably a good 24 inches, if not more, it was pretty far away. Wide tail, fatter body. I am definitely thinking carp. Any guesses?

    Also, has anyone ever had any luck on the hoga near the Rt. 59 bridge both north and south of the bridge? If so, what you use and what you catch? Thanks for any tips!
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    Only the shadow knows what lurks in the depths of the Cuyahoga.......

  3. Could have been a bowfin as well. I don't know anything about particular fish in the Hoga but your description fits it as well. They will at times cruise slowly near the surface.
  4. Any suggestions on what to use to catch it? This thing had a V-shaped tail fin, so I don't think it was a bowfin. How prevalent are carp in the hoga?

    It was just cruisin around over there pizzin me off, I was seriously thinking about taking out the snagger hook I have in my tackle box that I used to use for snapping turtles...
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    V tail fin is most likley a carp or even a gaint shad.
  6. So I take it you ruled out pike and muskie? I just mention them because they fit the V tail description. Your initial description sounded as if it was thicker bodied than either of those.
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    serious carp in the hoga.. i fish it way north of there but lotsa carp..go back with some honey nut frosted mini wheats on small bluegill hook, no bobber or weight. bury the hook in the mini, dunk it so you can cast it, t hen dont touch it as i t dissolves quick. throw some in the water to attract em also. just use at least 10 lb line. i use 20 lb braid.. they love the mini wheats..hey if ya dont catch em, you got breakfast...
  8. I prefer mine in milk though.:p
  9. Yea,, it's not pike or muskie, the body is too fat. Not long and thin. I will try the miniwheats, I think I have a few of those, hope I can cast it as far as the thing was, hopefully it's still there this afternoon. I might take some corn too and try that, we will see.
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    Plenty of carp in the river.Though they don't ussually
    run very big.Its possible that there could be a few grass
    carp swimming around in there though?
  11. Hour and 20, then maybe I will be finding out for sure this afternoon... if it's still hangin around...
  12. There is big carp in the canal. I caught 3 last saturday in a couple of hours. The smallest was 28 inches. They would not hit corn, so I fished Italian bread crust with a #8 egg hook, flouro leader and a weighted bobber. The bread worked like a topwater. I saw each fish hit on the surface. I site fish carp.

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    thats a great idea zot..! t hey are a blast to catch. once in a while i do it.i will try the bread crust if i see em on top...
  14. I'd vote carp. Me and Huntinbull were out at the hoga fishing between the gorge's dam and the high level bridge and down near the high level there was part of river that was split into two places. There were NUMEROUS large fish swimming around there. Definitely looked to be carp. They weren't interested in anything I was throwing that was for sure.
  15. Yea, I got a bit closer look the other day, they were definitely carp,pretty big too. There was one that kept swimming into a log jam and every time a stick would brush up against it, WHAM the thing would just go ballistic, causing quite a ruckus. Gets the blood pumping, that's for sure. I tried the miniwheats, but that didn't work. OH well. Ran into a few people fishing on Tuesday, I was the one walking around with a backpack on, if anyone was there.