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What's it worth? 92 Alumcraft with 95 50HP Mercury Marine Force

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by TritonBill, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. My Dad saw a 92 Alumcraft with 95 50HP Mercury Marine Force. It's a 17' boat with a 50lb thrust trolling motor and Hummingbird depth finder. Has some sort of breakaway anchor, tilt/trim on motor. Is it worth 750?

    I think the trailer is made by dixon mfg and has 13" wheels. It comes with 2 gas tanks. Could you put a 9.9 kicker on this and fish small lakes ok?

    I know its hard to say without pictures but just wondered.
  2. You are kidding right? There would have to be a LOT wrong with what you listed for it to not be worth $750.;)

    A 50HP '95 motor in good shape would be worth the $750 by itself. A decent trailer would be $150+, Trolling motor$75+, FF $75+. The boat would not have to be worth much by itself.:D

  3. That would actually be the perfect size for the inland lakes.

    Without seeing the boat it is hard to say how the kicker would set up on the boat but I would think it could be equipped with a kicker rather easily. If it was for getting on the HP restricted lakes you may actually be better off pulling the 50HP and putting the 9.9 on in its place to eliminate weight.
  4. There is a very similiar boat to that for sale by me for $2800.00 Are you sure the price is only 700 or so??
  5. I agree. If the price is truly $750 then the seller doesn't know what he or she is doing. Therefore you better act quick before they come to their senses.:D
  6. On second thought it ain't worth nearly $750. By thte way where was this boat located?:D
  7. that is a funny response!!!!!!
  8. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    If that price is correct, you/he could buy it for $750, sell the 50hp motor for about $1500, and buy a real nice 9.9 for it, and have some money left.
  9. He's calling the guy to put a deposit on it. LOL, I don't know what it's worth, not really ever priced a boat like that. I appreciate all of your help! I think the FishFinder is and older hummbingbird, nothing fancy. I believe the trolling motor is a 12v 50lb thrust. I'm not sure how good it runs, we may take it out Saturday night and if it runs well he'll buy it. I think 750.00 seems like a decent price. It's got a custom made console out of plywood and also deck is plywood but none of it has outdoor carpet on it. If my Dad ends up not getting it I'll let you all know where it's at!

    Thanks again,
  10. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    I've been looking for a deal like that. If no one gets it, I'm interested too...! :D
  11. It turns out the boat is actually like a 78 or 82 model...but still in good shape. The moter is definately a 1995 though.

    The trailer is a galvanized trailer, does that make it worth more or less? It has a new axle and new tires. A few of the switches like for bilge,etc are not functioning but supposedly the pump itself works.

    Still worth 750? We are supposed to go look at it or take it out Saturday.
  12. I am not real sure of the answer on the trailer value. The bilge switch is a very minor cost and even if the bilge itself is bad they are not very expensive either. The main things I would concern myself with finding out now is:

    1. Does the boat leak? If not, great. If so, how bad and how easily fixed.
    2. Does the motor run good? Does it pump water well? If so then for me it would be a no-brainer as a good motor of that size would warrant the purchase.
  13. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    Sounds like a "too good to be true" deal. I looked a a similar boat when I bought my current one and the guy was asking $1800. It had a 50 hp without tilt/trim, one 6 gallon tank, no electronics, and an old 22lb minkota (when the cases were squared of and not rounded), the seats were not installed, and he couldn't get it started when I was there. If I had seen the one you are talking about, I would have jumped on it. And the galvanized trailer is a plus in my opinion.
  14. It may be too late but don't be alarmed if the motor doesn't spit water in a solid steam! Those force motors look more like a sputtering mist. I know because my first trip out I thought it was clogged,anyway every outboard mech. i've asked said it's normal. Mine is a 40 hp force and I love it. Good luck I hope your dad enjoys it.
  15. We ended up getting this boat for 500.00 bucks out the door!

    I spent Sunday with my Dad shopping for things like carpet, fish finder, 3bank battery charger, etc etc so that he can fix it up nice. My favorite thing he purchased was a Lowrance 332c Fish Finder.
  16. What would cause the boat to have a couple holes the size of a pin. The boat seaps water some and Dad found 2 holes about the size of a pin. The bottom under the wood deck is all solid flotation foam. He seems to think oxidation from the inside out??

    How would you repair 2 small 1/16 inch holes that are oxidizing in the bottom of the boat?

    Any idea guys, My Dad just joined so maybe he'll chime in, his user id is Cross Creek Dad.
  17. wow sounds like a good deal makes me rethink what im thinking of selling my lil red boat for. I know if you look hard enough and long enough there are good deals out there. Thought the boat i just bought was a steal but it sounds like you have me beat. Grandad use to use J.B. weld but i dont know is sure theres better stuff by now for alm repairs of that size
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