What's in your river box?

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  1. Well with spring being right around the corner and the smallies should be moving in to spawn shortly, what are the baits and lures that are essential for your river box? A lot of times last year i found myself running out of things to try when i couldn't find a bait that was producing. Since im pretty new to river fishing id like to hear what your go to baits are.
  2. rebel crayfish crankbait is great for the sm here on the tusc...any small/med cranks work but gets$$$ with all the strucure here!!!:D

  3. Rebel cray fish crankbaits, floating rapalla's( straight and jointed), tube jigs, spinners, pop r's, jig and twister tails, beetle spins, small spinner baits, small rattle traps, various small shallow running crank baits, and soft plastic jerk baits.

    I fish the Upper Cuyahoga River.
  4. I was gonna post a reply but Tin knocker pretty much nailed it, even came pretty close to the order I try them in.

  5. White or rainbow trout colored Roostertails with a couple of evenly spaced out round bb split shot is what I use when searching unfamiliar water for smallies. :D :B
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    Jigs and twisters in white, yellow, or chartreuse! I fish the lower Tusc. and Walhonding. Early spring I like small spinnerbaits and tiny torpedos ripped across the surface!! Try a fast retrieve w/ a small spinnerbait just under the surface.SPLASH!!!FISH ON!!!
  7. Berkley Power Sandworms were always my best bait on the Hocking River. They immitate hellgremites. I think they quit making the freshwater version, but still make a saltwater model. I bought a bunch on closeout years ago. The best part is if you loose one you are only out about 50 cents. In the deeper pools I will also throw a Norman crappie crankbait in a crawfish color.
  8. spooks small jig-n-pigs, swimbaits!, and big bunny flies. buzzbaits! tubes when desprate. i cant stand wee craws:p
  9. For smallies I usually carry tubes, grubs, shad raps, a few different crayfish style cranks, and I never leave home without a few black buzzbaits. In the fall I will add flukes, some more topwaters, and 3/8oz spinnerbaits.
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    Three inch brown berkley powerbait grub on a 1/4 oz jighead. Thats all I ever need.
  11. Just Eagle Claw Number 4 Baitholder Hooks And Some Splitshot.And A Bucket Of Sucker Minnows.When It Warms Up More I Use Hard Or Soft Craws.Fish Mostly In Creeks Or Rivers.
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    black hair jig tipped with uncle josh 101 pork