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Whats Everyone Doing?

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by bassattacker, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. well labor day weekend is coming up and not really much action going on in the catfish section so i thought id see whats going on, hows everyone been doing lately with catches, baits, etc... here lately ive been busy with house crap, family reunions, weddings and such but have had a few chances to get out but not like id really like to but an interesting story though, last sat night me and a buddy was at the club we belong at and was going after blues and flatties, well from the time we got there something was boiling and busting the banks hard in front of us, we thought it was bluegill since some of the bluegill in the top lake are 10 inches plus, well the night went on and i pulled in my cut bait and my buddy was like throw it out there 4-5 feet from the bank so i did and within 5 minutes a 5lbs. flat took it got him in cpr'ed. well my buddy put his out 4-5 foot thinking well if theres one theres more, well 15 minutes went buy and he got a run, got it in and low and behold the same fish with a fresh hook hole in his mouth right beside my buddies hook, man was he hunger.
  2. The fishing has seemed to pick up in my pool, Bellville. The shad are getting bigger now, around 3 in, and there are quite a few skipjack and small white bass chasing them. I have caught more fish in the last two weeks than during the whole summer. Don't know if that is a sign of things to come or do to the water beginning to stain up a little, or just finally paid my dues.
    I do know that the rain we had last week really set them off for me up here.
    Fresh shad with the sides filleted back has been the ticket for me. They don't seem to want them if you put them on uncut. Finding that it is the little things that are making the difference right now, it seems.

  3. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!

    I predict that someone will make catches of large flathead starting next Wednesday.:D
  4. If it is you, I'll put money on it Katfish! :) I was think'n about you today when I was on the river. I was watching a barge go buy, make'n all kinds of noise, wasn't more than 200yds from me, and ZZZZZZing my abu went off. Ended up being a nice 25lb flat. The noise from the barge seemed to almost trigger the run. Thats what made me think of the tactics that I've read of yours. What I was wondering was....I know you fish alot of lakes and I can definately see why being quite is important in not scarring them off. Have you noticed other things that are different in how you approach river fishing vs. Big lake fishing? Like target areas and things?

    I'd love to hear your input. I'm a big fan.

  5. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!

    What you encountered is called the barge bite. The large waves often force fish to react to violent changes in current and as they become aware of their surroundings they notice your bait.Similar conditions occur on tidal rivers as the tide (and current) change.

    On lakes waves like those would frighten fish and cause them to take immediate cover.

    Another difference is that on lakes you must use wind to project scent paths when channel cat fishing. The wind will create small current to carry scent of baits to fish. On rivers you simply read current which is normally always existent and constant.
  6. Curent has been playing a big part this year. Just finding it is the thing. I moved my pontoon 5 dfferent times last week as they were pulling the river back down. Paid off in full though. Thanks for answering, and I'm looking forward to the pics after your trip!
  7. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Along with what Robby is saying is the prop wash off the tug is a major plus, we have caught so many fish from a barge bite, there are times we wish there were more barges, next time one goes by you watch your depth finder it will be black with the amount of wash that comes off there props and I feel in a no current situation that the prop wash stirs up the bottom of the river, maybe confusing the bait fish and allowing the predator to move in...........Doc