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    Anybody wonder whats on the lake floor? heres a video of a ice house that sunk....check out the fish and notice all the stuff in the water. Go to the map imagery site and part way down on the left is AquaVu - Stills - Video's. Go into Videos and watch inside looking out.
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    That is a really cool site! I like the "YIKES" video. You can right click and save the videos to your PC.

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    I have an Aqua Vu, but the only time I break it out is for ice fishing. Yea, the yikes one and also the out for a walk is good. I kept thinking a smallie was gonna swoop up the crawdiddy!!
  4. I was wondering why my site all of a sudden had a big jump in views. HI. I found that and a boat with the Humminbird 997 I picked up this spring. I've got videos of the submerged boat too. It apparently has been down there for a long long time and no one around here had a clue. In fact ice fishing I've fished almost right on top it and didn't know it. If you look at the hand rail you can see fish line and anchor ropes dangling around and some ones deep diver. Just to warn you the depths are way off. I let the telescoping pole I had the camera on punch the bottom one too many times.
    I've got screen captures from the 997 of the boat and fish house on another page if you want to see what that looks like. From what I've found out, two years ago we had a warm spell and that shack went in. One of the guys thinks he remembers it. He thought it was made of steel roofing or siding. Its in 19 feet of water on a slope and apparently is 11 feet tall. One of the videos I didn't post I was looking at the runners, tube steel. Theres vertical sonar read of it too in with the side scan stuff.
    Hope you all enjoy and have a happy holiday.

    Warren Parsons
    Forest Lake, MN

  5. Ive been thinking about buying one of those to use in the GMR up north and in kiser lake. Just not sure how theywould work out. Anyone out there use an aquavu at either of these places?
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    Really cool videos and pics. Thanks for the link.
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    I have an Aqua Vu, but I've found that in most places, it's pretty much useless. It does shine for ice fishing though..all the sediment has settled and with no wind things get pretty clear. Now I haven't tried it at places like Mogagore or Nimisilla that are relatively clear...might work alot better there. I do know at Berlin and Mosquito, it's worthless. I do want to try it at Erie next year, or if we have enough ice, this ice season. Ice fishing, you can put it down a hole 3-10 foot from ones you're fishing and watch your jigs and any nearby fish in action...pretty cool.
  8. Thats why i was wondering how it does at kiser because that lake is always clear and its not deep. But i guess in the river it probably woudlnt work so well.
  9. Hopefully I'll get more this weekend through the ice.
  10. Pete use to live a couple miles west of me and we met up a couple times over maps I make. Nice guy. Glad to see the video enterprise must be working out. At first they were going to make special body jigs. If you ever want to see a strange one, the one where a muskie or big northern took a bass they were reeling in was great and one of their first.

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    Wow! That first one gives new meaning to the term "fish house"! :D
  12. really cool videos, ive always wanted one of those camara's to see how they worked out and what not maybe ill get one anyways cool site.