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What your choice for a good worm rig

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Fish4Fun, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I am talking rod and reel. What is the best type to use if you were going to use it almost extensivly for worm tossing. I really love my curado what type of rod would you use. Iam thinking of my early xmas present.
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Good choice in reels :D I use a bait caster with the flipping feature. Also a good 6'6" rod, med heavy. Also 15-17 lbs test line.

  3. A G.Loomis MRB783 or MRB843. I use the 783 more, but really like the extra length of the 843 when dragging worms and creatures along the bottom.
  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    All Star - AElite WR1 (worm rod 1) its a 6'6 MH rod with a fast taper. I also use a Bantam Curado with 14lb P-Line.
  5. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    I personaly like to fish a texas rig on a spinning rod . I prefer useing both a 6' and a 6'6" mh rod . I do use a bait caster also but I like skipping the worm up under structure that is tight to the water (boat houses , docks , bushes ect. ) and you can hardly skip anything on a baitcaster without backlashing . I personaly never use more than 10-12# line either when fishing a worm .

    Every-one is different , some rods may not feel comfortable to you . I would just go try alot of them out and see which one feels like you could use it all day . Also , you dont have to spend alot of $$$ to get a good rod . I would recamend that you get something that is IM8 or better to detect those light bites though . Have fun and let us know how it goes .
  6. I too have two curado reels. One I use a St. Croy rod. It is 6'6" med. I know thats light but I can cast more controlled with it. The other is a 6"6" ugly stick. It is a med/heavy with a fast tip. I like both. One I use fire line with a flouracabon tip. The other is staight 14LB mono. Never use the fireline for topwater. No give means less bass on buzz baits. I also use my spinning rigs for worms and tubes sometimes. I can really get it into tight spaces.
  7. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    Used to fish the Sensilite rods- very fast tips and lots of backbone but they are hard to find anymore. Compres have almost the same action- 6'6" MH rods. I also like spinning for plastics- I have better feel in my right hand than in my left from years of spinning only use. I can use a Curado if I am fishing deep water but prefer spinning. I have found that the 6'6" MH Compres have excellent feel and are very well made. The V-rods that Shimano makes are the cat's rear end, but I can't afford $130 for a rod. ( I'm basically cheap. LOL)

    My all time favorite rod was the Fightin' Rods that Shimano used to make. The 6' 6" MH one piece rod was AWESOME- you could feel every tap but still beat an elephant to death with it. Those rods are impossible to find now, and when you do see one, they cost a fortune. I bid on one a few years ago and stopped at $125. It sold for over $150 and they only cost $79 new. Last time I saw them in a store was in 1994 at Big Bear up in Lebanon, and they were leftovers from the previous season. Wish I had bought them all back then, but $80 was a week's rent and I couldn't spare it. Looking back, I wish I would have gotten a few of them.

  8. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    For flippin I use a 7 ft 6 telescopic Falcon Low rider rod with a Quantam Acurist reel. With 20-30 lb test line. And 7 ft X-seres rod with bantam curado 12-17lb test line.