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What would you take?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Trying to get my stuff ready for Minnesota and its hard to limit yourself to just a few baits for each type of fish, so I was wondering what would you all take if you just could take a few baits for each type of fish? I will be fishing for walleye, smallies, pike and lake trout.
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Tubes, jigs, inline spinners and spoons!

  3. This is what I take every year when I go to Minnesota:

    jigheads (1/16 ounce to 1/4 ounce) yeallow or gold
    lindy rigs
    slip float rigs

    leaders :p
    johnson silver minnows (medium size)
    A few other weedless spoons I don't know the make of
    husky jerks

    I only fish for walleye with live bait up there. I have caught a few eyes casting crankbaits for largemouth but have never targeted them with anything but redtail chubs, fatheads or leeches.

    Tubes are the preferred bait for smallies although I have never tried for a smallie in Minnesota.

    Where are you going?
  4. Smallmouth this time of year. I'd take 4" tubes, Jerkbaits, RatLtraps.
  5. Portage Lakes

    Portage Lakes OGF Member

    If I had to have just one lure it would be a 6" purple plastic worm.

  6. Dingo


    Spring walleye = jig heads + tails. Can use the heads with minnows that you may want to carry in.

    Lakers and smallies. Little Cleo spoons. Can also use tubes if up there late enough in the season.

    Some nice pike on stickbaits, like large shallow thunderstick, silver or perch (old style). Remember to bring leaders. Also caught some on pop-r's in the bays.

    Build a 'quetico anchor', which is a basketball net and a decent length of strong rope. Tie the net permanently together at the bottom (not the end that connects to the rim. Once at a campsite, fill the net with rocks and secure the other end with the rope that connects to the boat.

    Bring a depth finder if you are concentrating on fishing. Spring walleyes will relate to structure breaks in the spring. The new 'smartcasts' may be the ticket.
  7. Going on a canoe trip into the BWCA the first week of June. Everything has to be as light as possible so I'm very limited on fishing gear.
    So far I have packed crawdad tubes and storm rattle tubes for smallies, a few cranks and jigs and twistertails for walleye, spoons for lakers and a few top water lures and spinners for pike. I just wanted some more ideas in case I forgot about something. Trying to get everything into one small plano box, the kind that is about 10x5 and opens on both sides. Ive got a fishing vest that I can put a few bags of tube in but need to get just about everything into the box.
    Thats a good idea about the basketball net but we already have bought mesh bags to fill with rocks and use as anchors. I bet the basketball net would hold up a lot better.
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Don't forget a fishing rod and reel :D
  9. Good one fishman! :D
    That is a whole nother topic, I'm only going to take 2 rods, i need to pick which 2 I want to take.
  10. Ahh never fished BWCA....

    Color me jealous.
  11. You should give it a try sometime Onion, its an awsome place. Not only is the fishing great but just being in the wilderness is a great experience. Check out and for some good info.
  12. catking

    catking Banned

    Rapalas-Floating, shallow and deep running. Hair Jigs (1/4 oz)-Black with black twister tails. 4" rubber worms-june bug. And a few spinner baits. That is about all I ever use up north. CATKING !!! :)
  13. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Well I'll put my 2 cents in here too. Where you are going is about across from where our place in Canada is. I've been going to Canada over 28 years and smallmouth are my target fish, along with Muskie, northern, trout (Lake) walleye. Take most of what others have said. Tubes?? so so, I don't do much good on them, rubber worms, so so also. Remember those fish up there don't see what they do here. Match your bait to what the fish see. Minnow type baits are always good, spinner baits my first choice. jerk type baits are good, leaders are a must unless you don't mind losing some baits. good stout rods, and really good line. top water baits are a blast up there. Zara spooks drive northern wild, large popping baits good also. Hair jigs in 1/2 oz. or larger are good for northern. tip them with bigger rubber type baits. bright colors are good also. Hope this helps you some. I may not be the smartest but I'd bet I've been north as much or more than most. WE bought a place 22 years ago and go several times a year.This will be my 29th. year going, I leave May 10 for a few weeks. Talk to the locals when up get up in the area, They are your best source of information. Heck, they may tell you to leave everything there and buy new stuff. Good luck and enjoy.
  14. The ones I wouldn't leave home without:

    Floating rapala
    Heddon topwater
    Mepps Minnow spinner
    Rebel deep diving crank bait
    Mister twister spinner with yellow and white 3' tails (for my dad)
    Sonar (I think) jig for lake trout and trolling

    I've found if i'm not bumping the bottom with the lure I'm not fishing where the fish are......except for topwater action :D

    Dont be like me and my dad 2 years ago....load up outfitters van for 45 min drive to drop off area at beaverhouse.... at our arrival realise we forgot the rods and had to turn around and go get them lol

    good luck

    oh and we always take metal mesh gloves for landing the toothy critters!
  15. BWCA - What lakes are you heading into? I have been going up every year since 91 - I absolutely love it. I only fish pike & somehow still can't manage to get my tackle box down to a reasonable size. A couple ideas:
    - I use a "butterfly" anchor. It only weights about 1/2lb, I've found them to be very easy to use & hold the canoe very well. Works nicely if you are hitting a few portages, as you don't have to empty/collect rocks for sack anchors.
    - troll from the canoe. Sounds kind of dumb but works very well. The person in back can hook the rod under their leg but the person in front would need a rod holder - the rod holder should be a "C" shape so it can wrap around the side of the canoe - they cost about $20. Only troll floating lures - rapala, shallow raider, essox minnow, etc. - that way if you slow or stop you don't need to worry about snags & if you do snag you can just stop & most times the lures will float up. We have caught many nice pike, walleye, small mouth doing this
    - lures for pike -
    casting - daredevil (firetiger), mepps #4&5 aglia, slug-go,
    trolling - shallow raider, rapala, (large floaters)

    good luck.
  16. Dale, you are really a lucky guy. That has to be great to have your own place and spend a few weeks at a time up there. I'm going up the first week of June. You are right about the zara spooks, I have a few of those packed for pike fishing.

    pacosraiders, we did the same thing on our last trip. We were getting a tow through the Moose lake chain and were about 15 minutes away from the dock and realized we forgot our canoe seats and had to go back.

    We are staying in Ely Saturday night and getting a tow through the Moose lake chain first thing on Sunday and then canoeing into Knife lake and camping there for the rest of the week. This will be our 3rd trip, our first trip we entered at Lake One and canoed into Insula. Our 2nd trip we went to Knife and liked it so much we are going back to that same area.

    What areas have you been to Jackfish?
  17. You're right about the trolling in the canoe. Instead of rod holders here's what I do, it works for front or back:

    1: Lay rod at 90 degree angle to your left, butt of rod in bottom of canoe and middle of rod laying against side of canoe. Butt of rod goes behind your right heel, middle of rod goes in front of your left shin.

    2: If you want to get a couple feet deeper, lay rod against both gunwales, butt on right side, rod tip at 90 degree angle to gunwale out left side. I put the rod butt under my right leg just behind the knee, and the middle of the rod goes in front of left shin.

    Person in front of canoe reverses everything so rod is out opposite side of canoe.
  18. We always troll when we are moving. I have tried holding the rod with my leg and also using a rod holder, not sure which way is easier yet but will probably take the rod holder again.
  19. Twistertail - I've fished most of the lakes you can get to within a one week trip, we switch routes from time to time to try out new waters - I was on knife for the 1st time last year. We did ok with the fishing, but nothing really large. Smart move going with the tow (we didn't & about got ran over by all the motor boats :eek: ).

    My favorite trips are Jackfish Bay/Basswood Falls and also the run up to Friday & Saturday Bay. I hit the lake one / Insula trip a while back - I thought that was too much distance & didn't leave enough time for fishing- haven't been back to that one.

    I'm heading up in late July this year, trying a new route (little distance & lots of fishing).

    I attached a couple photos of some BWCA northerns :cool: -

    *1st time attaching photo - I hope this works

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